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Friday, July 27, 2007

Makeup Artists in NIG .Any really good ones?

Does anyone know of a really good makeup artists in NIG. I'm not talking just being able to put Powder and eye shadow on someone and making it look good, and not just wedding stuff either someone that can make that transition to both. Someone artistic, creative, fun, someone that has a vision. Someone that can create some high fashion, runway looks, and play with bold colors. I found one online a while back but forgot to bookmark her website. I am going to be giving up the artistry aspect to focus more on the business and education aspect of things so I wanted a super hot makeup artist I can work with permanently. I really really love the first shot and would love to shoot something similar with my "moving on" tank.. I have this vision of a bad a$$ shoot in the streets of Lagos, somewhere like Festac, Mushin, Oyingbo or Oshodi . A nice contrast. I'll obviously provide all necessary tools.

Ps. oooooooo I got my copy of HAUTE magazine yesterday and I have to admit I AM IMPRESSED!.. men Dammie, kudos o because your magazine is on point. I love the attention to detail, in fact good job girly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Femi Kuti, Lord of Ajasa and co..

It's not news that I am a huge fan of Nigerian music. Yeah, I know all the latest songs, well I think I do. One thing though is that I am not easily impressed. I should be hired to weed out the good from the plain ol ugly. And trust me I have heard some ugly. lol. Oh you know wot, there was actually one ugly that wouldn't not leave me the hell alone. That song got soo much airplay on STV that I would hear it in my sleep. sighs!. The song goes something like this " What kinda girl I go marry, What kind of girl I go marry, what kind of girl man pickin go marry, wey go give me happy family" then " Ibegi marry I begi marry, marry o" then it goes on to talk about all the tribes and their stereotypes, you know Esan girls will do this, yoruba girls will do that, bla bla bla. And then there is Ubong,I forgot how the song goes but I know the chorus ends with "YEPA".. teehee. sighs!..

Now, for good music or rather good performances. I went to the Femi Kuti concert this weekend at the house of blues and one thing dawned on me, I am not exactly sure where his talent lies, I enjoyed the performance but wasn't sure what I enjoyed about it, was it the beat or the dancers who by the way were his act. I'm telling you, these girls can shake some tail feather o kai, I'm hetro but I think I swung the other way for like 2.5 seconds. lol . I took the liberty of learning some new moves from them, you know so I can show off at my next party. It was funny how half the stuff Femi was saying, I could not understand but oh well, who cares, we had fun. The guy commands respect and pulls a nice mixed crowd. The place was packed, I think all the naija folks in Los Angeles came out that night. teehee.

Now, on to the person that is slowly becoming my favorite artist. Lord of Ajasa. Yeah, Ive blogged about him before but very briefly. Let me start by saying, if you are into down home music, you should pick up a copy of his CD. Lyrical ability, nice voice, creativity. Dude has it all and to make it even sweeter he raps in Yoruba. When I'm less busy, ill upload one of his tracks and share.

So I was out at a friends party the other day and It was kinda disappointing that most of my buddies are not really into naija music, like they wanted to listen to mainly hip-hop and did not get it when I put in some naija songs. Like its sad that we don't patronize out own. If you go to a Jamaican party I assure you 90% of the music that will be played with be Ragga, Dancehall, Reggae but not our people. Well I guess we still have a long way to go with the whole national pride thingy. If you get in my car Im sorry you have to listen to 2face, 9ice, Ajasa etc. If you come to a party I am throwing, plan to sit your behind down if you cant dance to Dbanj, Danfo drivers, Original Stereoman etc.

Sidenote: I was going to blog about my "stalker" I guess to ask for advice on what to do but decided to save him some face. My dear, Let this side note be a warning because I am sure you and your crew visit my blog. Next time you come sit outside my house, I will call the police. and if you do not stop calling or texting my phone, I will call you out, I refuse to change my number because of you, I will not let you rule my world, I deserve to live free of you and your disturbance, It irks me that I miss business calls because I'm thinking its you calling, and no one else should have to suffer if they mistakenly pass me your calls.. you have been warned countless times, Please let this be the last warning.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Being Pregnant

One of my buddies was messing about me being pregnant and of course the I.M's and emails started coming. "oh my goodness are you really pregnant" "congrats" "why dint you tell me, I'm mad at you" and of course the God mother requests, hmmn I wonder why I did not get any God father requests. teeheee.. Sorry to disappoint o, I am soooooo not pregnant, .no sarriiie bob. Nope, Nope, Nope. lol. not yet anyways. If I were, oo boy do I feel sorry for the people around me. A pregnant diva is no joke o. I want foot rubs, scalp massages, the works!

Anyhoo it did have me thinking, how my lifestyle would change drastically with kids. My goodness I can see it now, working quietly, and being jerked out of my serenity with loud baby noises. Keep in mind I hope and pray my first will be twins so that's two for two loud baby noises. Knowing the kind of baby I was, I'm most likely going to have naughty babies, you know the kind you think are soooo darn adorable but can't be bothered to oogle and play with them because they just wont stop crying. Yes, I was that baby. Feed me, I cry, Bathe me, I cry, Play with me, I cry. I told mums that I just had a lot to say and was frustrated because I couldn't get it out. lol. Yeah I love friendly babies, you can play with them all day long and never get bored because all the do is giggle and smile. Everything you do is funny. lol.

Last trip I took, I was sitting in the boarding lounge and I saw this lady with 2 young ones, one toddler and a baby. She was really working it, trying to hustle the stroller, the bags and hold the little one. gosh, I just kept trying picture myself with that stroller, the diaper bags and the young one that you have to hold on to. I'm such an impatient traveller, I like to board first, I don't like delays and most of the time, I sleep through my flight so imagine me travelling with 2 adorable ones. Does this mean, my laptop stays home? does this mean I cant just get on the plane and sleep? do I have to change diapers during the flight? Seeing as I plan to be a hands on mum, you know the kind that takes babies to work, I wonder how Ill manage. Oh and lets not talk about visiting NIG and mosquito bites, I already know my baby's first mosquito bite will get me very upset. One of my little cousins was visiting NIG and oh my Goodnessss.. when they were leaving, I saw this boy at the airport, I have never seen such a red spotted child in my life. They did not take it easy on him at all.

One thing I know for sure is that kids are a huge responsibility, diapers are not cheap, baby true religions cost a grip and breast feeding is no joke. Oh lord, do I have to say goodbye to my perks, oh nooooooo!.. Will I have stretch marks like Ushers Fiancee who by the way looked very err questionable in some picture I saw. Will I have to entrust someone else with the fruits of my loins because I need to get to a meeting, will my associates mind me bringing little Toni and Little Zion (yes I have names. lol) along or will they frown at it. So many questions, I know one thing for sure, one of the reasons I decided to work for myself was because I did not wanted the independence of being able to call the shots as to how much time I spend with my kids.

I'm talking kids, I have not even gotten past the fear of labour. Is it true that the epidural needle is like a gazzilion inches long and fatter than most needles? or that if you rip you wont even feel the pain because the labor pain will be more? Ok I just made my skin crawl. Ive heard so many stories from friends with babies and they are never pleasant. Oh well, I guess when the time comes Ill figure it out. ok truth be told, Im secretly looking forward to that day when I break the news to me fam.

PS: I am soo homesick, lord please give me some valuable free time so I can visit NIG. I would prefer this by next month if not sooner. I still have my other request with you, please do not forget that either. Your child T. aka Mrs Vicker

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tee Shirt Contest

Hey Blogger and Readers.. I'm guessing a lot of you now have your very own Toni Payne Tee so this may be of interest to you. Ill be back to blog proper tomorrow, I guess my faith is being tested so Im going through the motions right now. Lets see the outcome sha.. later!
Tomorrows Topic: Per head weddings.. such a no no. lol

"I love my Toni Payne Tee Shirt Contest "
Its about that time ladies and gentlemen to shows your love for your Toni Payne Tees and tanks.
To enter: Simply send us a photo in your favorite Toni Payne Tee or Tank and briefly tell us why you love your Toni Payne Tee Shirt. Do not forget to include your name.

5 finialists will be chosen based on style and creativity. These 5 finalist will then be voted for by fellow Toni payne Tee Shirt Lovers. (voters will have 3 weeks to send in their votes) One person will be chosen as the I love my Toni Payne Tee contest winner.

Accepting Entrees now. Send your pictures to Last day to submit pictures is Friday August 31st 2007. If you do not already have a Toni Payne Tee Shirt, What are you waiting for?? Go get one now at

Monday, July 16, 2007

just wanted to say...

I love you!!
Got a request from some mag about featuring some of TP items, Its exciting because this mag is a major mag with a huge circulation and I was explaining to my mum about the power of the media. I remember a few years ago when one of my items was featured on ET on MTV. I honestly did not see it coming. Within 3 minutes of it airing, we sold out on every single one, and days later the emails where still coming and weeks later people who had purchased were still sending their friends to us. It was soooo bananas I was surprised my server did not crash.

ok its picture time.. media stuff oooo.. I already know this ish will take too long so Ill only post a few and more can be found on TPs facebook group.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


*singing*.. isn't she lovely, isn't she tra la la... I was wondering what Grams old pictures would have looked like in color and Viola! Took me a hot second but I think it came out nice. FYI: this picture was taken way b4 my mum was born so there was no color photography then.

Hmmn, I just noticed something. Its like someone out there has been praying for me or something. The past day now, even if I try I can't get stressed out. I'm loving it, all smiles, m mind is at ease, nothing is bothering me and its been 24hr with no migraine. Oh did I mention the 2nd batch of shirts are here? Well, they leave here tomorrow seeing as they still have to go through processing, quality control etc. and oooo guess what the best seller is so far... the "Yoruba Proverb Shirts". Its funny because a friend and I were arguing about the shirt, before I had the design, I was telling her about the concept, she said my customers wont understand it and I should only market it towards naijas, I argued that, nope it will appeal to everyone and that the meaning behind it is what makes it more interesting and all I would need is great fabric and a hot design and I was correct. I love being right BTW.

On to other gist. I always get this ridiculous question, "when are you getting married" Well I was actually considering it till I had a convo with my boy that's getting married in Sept. When he told me how much he has spent so far on his wedding I almost passed out. I knew weddings were expensive but dang...I did the calculations in my head and I'm like, Id have to sell like a lot of shirts to pay for that. lol. Lord knows I want a humongous wedding. 18 hot ass chicks on my train with wicked dresses and 2ct diamond pinky rings. Donny P bottles engraved with our names on it. Silverware too. Pocket sized Moet for everyone. And my dress, well I'm crossed between Yemi Kosibah and Deola Sagoe. hmmmn or maybe both, I just love love love their designs. I was going to rock a pink vintage looking dress but I think I'll settle with looking like a princess, Celine dion type tiara and all. oh! and lets not forget the red carpet because T cant be getting her dress all dirty. hehe . So its either that or Vegas to elope. and ooooooooo no, anyone caught handing out plastic at my wedding will be in trouble o. Whats up with the whole handing out big a$$ buckets at parties. Like who started the trend. lol.

Sidenote: I think I am becoming less productive thanks to facebook and Linda Ikejis blog. sighs! The one thing I am being productive at is clicking that refresh button. lol.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Beautiful People..

Ok.. I normally do not blog about hot guys but today is an exception. I know I'm probably going to get in trouble for this but shoo whooooo cares. I was on a friend's facebook and saw a picture of the Ghanian actor Van Vicker. I have gone back like 30 times to look at that picture.. hehehe.. I thought I was stressed, boy do I feel calm now.. lol.. He kinda reminds me of my friend Walter.. Yeah! Walter is a hottie too, the kind of guy is guaranteed to give you foine babies. I know Linda blogged about Van a while back but gaddddam.. This dude should be the 8th wonder of the world (haters back off o)... lol.. Anyhoooooos from now on I will only answer to Mrs Vicker
Update: I added two more pictures for all the doubting thomases.. Men! who can say this beautiful piece of work is Just ok, he.. is far from ok. he is BEAUTIFUL, DREAMY, FANTABULOUS ..sighs!.

Monday, July 09, 2007

my space ptee

TP apparel has a new myspace page and yeah there are new designs on there. Was going to post it on my blog but it seemed redundant so you can check it out here. Hopefully it will be updated frequently, right now some of the Spring 08 line is available for viewing. I was thinking it would be cool to customize names on the back. Like "Sexy PT" on the back of my Yoruba Proverb tank. The page is very pink, just the way I like it. Blogger should have some sort of easy way to customize your page like myspace. I would sooo love the blue and pink on my blog. Anyhoo, I dunno why but I feel like I'm forgetting something. If I was supposed to do something for you, pls email me because my brain is half here, half gone.. Which reminds me, Ive been popping pills all day and its just not working. If anyone has suggestions for calming my migrain down please let me know. OH!, if you know any trendy stores that you think the tees would fit in, holla at me or hint hint to them that there is a line they should carry and they should visit the website at bla bla bla * inserts big cheesy grin*

Update: If you want to add TPA banner to your website.. you can use this one below Gracias!

PS: Dear lord, I know you must have been busy last week but I just wanted to remind you that Im still waiting patiently for the 5mil I requested for. I have checked my bank account 6 times today and the balance remains the same. I am not trying to rush you or anything because I know your time is the best time, but I would appreciate it if you could please speed things up a bit maybe make "now" your time. Yours truly, Your Child. T

Thursday, July 05, 2007

wrong side of the planet

I am having such a crappy morning. I don't feel like doing anything yet I have so much to do. I have a meeting today that I'm sure I'm going to half ass because I feel tired. I hate being moody, its soo not me but sighs!. anyhoo, Im not sure if anyone else takes their dreams literally, I have been having really strange dreams, two days in a row I dreamt about reptiles, first a lizard, then a snake. Then last night I dreamt I was blogging about something odd, can't remember what it is though. Then I dreamt me and my boo hooked up but he brought his entourage and they would not give us privacy. *inserts angry emoticon here* lol but right when we were about to get some alone time, I friggin had to wake up.. Sighs! I cant even get to enjoy small in my dreams.

Anyhoo, I was at a friends party yesterday and I made a comment about wanting to be a housewife. lol. They all echoed the same thing others have said when I say that. That I would be unhappy not being about to hustle. Im like look, Ill hustle my kids to school. lol. I think Im going through mid-business crisis. I work about 17 - 20 hrs a day. I get maybe 4 hrs of sleep if even that. I seldom take a proper lunch, my office is full of bottles of water and I am tired half the time. I need a vacation but cant take one because things need to get done and what tops it off is I totally hate when things don't go the way I planned it. Summer sucks!
My friend wants to start her own business and Ive told her to think about it very well, do not be motivated by money alone, it has to be something you are passionate about because when you have those days when you have to pull long hrs consistently with no breaks, you will hate yourself. I think the only thing helping is that I love what I do. If not I know I would have probably gone NUTTTZ then gotten a 9-5, came home by 6, watch tv till 11 and sleep a full 6-8hrs. People always commend you for being able to run a business but yeah its cool and the money is encouraging but there are those days when there is absolutely tooo much to do and the time you put in makes it far from glamourous. You do not have one task assigned to you, you have every task to oversee, and no matter how many people you put there to help, its still your business, your name, your reputation so you know you cant get too relaxed. I think I need to change my middle name to stress.
Oh and I think I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I obsess about the smallest things and start freaking out. Its gotten so bad that Im even letting Dish network and their incompetency stress me. lol. Ahh, Dish network, that one is a full gist for another day. I never knew getting someone to install my satellite properly could be this complicated o but I digress.. I feel soo sorry for my hussy, kai! he has his work cut out for him. I was saying to someone that the reason I have such a laid back personality is that I just dont want to have anything else to worry about because I have enough on my plate. Anyhoo enuff venting, arrgghh Im still I thought bloggin would help.. ok ok well maybe I feel a bit better sha..
Nooooooooooow.. on to other 9icer things. I know I mentioned that I will be working with the artist 9ice sooo I just wanted to share two things with yall. Not sure if I already did but anyhoo if I did here it is again.. the song is 9ice -Ganja Man so you can download it to your ipod, its a hot workout song too. I did an interview yesterday with this mag and was asked why I picked him out of the gazilion artists out there. The answer was pretty simple, I saw in him something special.. then I gave a thesis about why .. lol.
and these two pictures out of his media thingy.. yes I said thingy..... hmmnn, I'm thinking. Hottie huh? lol. My crystal ball tells me more female than male fans in his future. hahaha you know what I just thought about, you know how you see pictures from NIG and you know for sure this one was taken in NIG, like not even just artists sha but like people, specially those dusty looking campus shots with the signature at the bottom. (ok Im soo guilty of taking one on one of my visits).. Im trying to understand why tho, like I see alot of Naija artists, even the pros and when I see their photos like maybe from a photoshoot, Im like Errrrrr no!.. you know who takes good pictures for their artists, Storm and Question Mark.. anyways sha everyone is improving so I hope it continues. Ive told him that if I catch him taking cheesy pictures I'll quit.. lol

ooooooooooooooooo one last thing, D'banj is in American performing in Dallas this weekend. I think he will also be performing in DC etc.. anyhoo check out this video, the guy is hyper sha. "why me, why you, whhhhhhhhhy me, whhhhhy you".. hehehehehe Im sure the place will be packed with kokolets. but errr who is the guy in GREEN.. he can BLOW... wow! nice voice men.

ps: please God, if you are reading this I would appreciate 5 million dollars in my bank account before the week runs out. Good looking out. Your child - T

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Inspired by AFRICA!

ok well not exactly, but specifically, more like the Yoruba Langauge. I couldnt wait another week to release this new shirt. The concept is just sooo cool. Im just gonna pull the gist of it from the website instead of rambling on and on about it. It was inspired by someone very special and who is the oga pata pata of using proverbs. lol.. anyhoo hope yall like it. I figured the next series of tees should have an african theme..

About the design: This designed was inspired by an African proverb that teaches us about treating others with respect. The design is written in the Yoruba Language and it reads "taba soko soja, aba ara ile eni." (if you throw a stone into the market(public place), it will hit someone close to you" which loosely translates proverbially to "dont throw stones in a glass house"

PS: There is a 4th of July sale going on at the moment.. 30% off cosmetics and $15 tees

In the mean time.. if you read this before 10am Central time today july 3rd 2007. Log on to NigerianWebRadio. Ruggedman will be doing an interview and you can also call in to give a shout out.

Also, I just realized that I am one of the most unconvetional people I know. It seems like nothing I do is normal. I would love to go into details but Gosh!.. well thats gist for another day. Oh Im still going to get the forbes thingy, Ive just been very busy.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


I feel like such a proud mother right now I just couldnt wait to blog about this.. lol.. Someone very dear to me was featured on the cover, yes I said COVER, not insert, not middle page, not back page, friggin cover of Forbes magazine this past issue. So when he tells me, my first reaction was get the f- out of here.. like naa stop playing, get out of here.. he's like, yes babes, your boy is in the current issue of forbes, of course then I had to bombard him with questions. one of which was how can a sister get down, me too I wanna be in forbes naaw.. hehehehe, . I'm sooooo proud of him cos lord knows I remember those long nights at the MTV office, and making that final decision to move to London. Anyhoo, Alex is the GM of MTV base Africa, this was something he held very close to his heart and its just wonderful watching everything fall into place. He has promised to send me the PDF so once he does, Ill be sure to share, or better yet, Im gonna take my little budunk to the news stands today and pick up a copy and post it.

This right here is yet another proof that hardwork does pay off.