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Thursday, February 28, 2008


The new face of TP Africa!
I was going to wait till friday to put this up but my fingers were burning.. haha. I put this on facebook, went to bed but couldnt sleep, I just had to blog about it. Her name is Buki aka Afrikim aka Aburo TP aka Lil Sis. lol.. The pictures are def hot. The makeup artist/photographer Ben is one of the youngest, most talented, creative photgraphers in socal, two for two a photographer who is also a wikid makeup artist.. couldnt ask for more.. If you are ever in the socal area, he is like the total must shoot with "if you have not shot with him you are so not cool or IT, like for real, you need to slap yourself and beg him to give you an appointment photographer".. hahaha ok he is down to earth, sooo and I am proud to say TP has totally shot with him so I am totally cool.. lol..yup! and I guess Buki is much cooler because she got to experience working with him, one on one ..anyhoo, now I can sleep peacefully.. enjoy

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

well o well

This week is going by so fast and I feel soooo err not productive. I have done a million and one things but I still feel blah! like something is missing. Is it possible to go though 1000 different emotions in 24 hrs? The answer is yes, Im telling you I think I'm sorta not normal. ha ha. Anyhoo on a good note, I have found the face of TP WA under my own nose, yeah I love her look and don't mind plastering her face everywhere. lol.. Ill reveal who she is maybe Friday, I feel like I need a nap. So who is going for the HHW awards? I am!, I am totally doing the casual thing, a customized TP shirt and maybe dress pants. I honestly don't feel like rocking a dress and I wanna be able to do cartwheels when people I like win.. ha ha.. yeah I'm very vocal.

When ID won for best producer at the Future awards, I think I must have heard for the first time how squeaky my voice is, hahaha inherited that from my mum. So I guess you can go and vote here and eheeemm, you know who to vote for right? lol.. So I kinda did pick who and who I liked based on how I felt their music, but damn it was tough o. kai, if two people could win. Well lets wait till the 15th to see if my choices were correct or rather how many i got right..
Album of the year = 2face grass to grace
Artist of the Year = 2face ( I figured whomever wins album of the year shud get this)
Song of the year = though I don't agree with the message, it was a popular song, Yahooze
Recording of the year - Asa - bibanke
Producer of the year: ID kabasa for ruggedy baba hands down ( the guy does it for the passion not the money)
Best Music Video = even tho he is not there I say Wudi Awa for Faze's Kolomental.. but ill give it to Do me
Best Dancehall - Timaya
Best Pop RNB = 2face Idibia of course
Best Rap Album = errr I dunno cos I haven't heard any of their stuff
Best Collabo = Ruggedy baba hands down.. and Im not biased, the song is spiritual
Best Rap single - Lagi Mo Rooftop MCS
Best Vocal performance male = 9ice on ruggedy baba, hands down
Best Vocal performance female = Asa for sure
Next Rated = please why was rihannas knock off even nominated, naija sef, I never knew knocking off someone song could get you an award nomination,.. I say wande coal for this one
Hip Hop World Revelation = and the award goes to......9ice dammit.. I love ASA too but 9ice does something Ive never heard b4 and sounds like no one Ive heard b4 and Im not biased o ha ha and someway somehow ASA doesnt really strike me as a revelation.. In fact if he doesnt win this one Ill be shocked.. lol
Lyricist on the Roll = ruggedman.. cos I haven't heard the rest of em
and that's it for me, lets see if I get them all right huh.

There you have it..

I have no real updates about the day but for those who wanted to know I have decided to go and help him with the venue task so yaaaaaah. you guys will have to stay tuned. ha ha. Wedding babes, you are too much jor! see me jotting notes like a mad woman.. hahaha. Still not turning this into a wed blog but will def update a bit.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Drum Roll Please

Well, we now have the Official Gongo Aso shirts available for purchase. and when I say official I mean requested and approved by him so If I see an alternate one, wahala go shele o.. hahaha.. anyhoo, If you are in naija, you can now order online. Our GTB account number will pop up upon checkout so write it down to make ur deposit. Keep ur slip for pick up though.. Ill give one little clue, these shirts will be sold out before the end of the week, unless of course I can convince the powers that be to make more. I think having the shirt makes you eligible for certain perks like passes etc.. anyhoo I have some pictures below.. Yes I designed the shirt with approval from Boss man (new name after all this) ha ha.. anyhoo to see more and order the shirts go to the Tpayne Webbie

Ill update later with progress on u know wot. lol

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so fresh so clean

Its 4.30am and I am totally just up. I can't sleep because I have too much on my mind, like Im noticing that the pressure is increasing, "T, you better have a fine dress" "T, u must use the best hall in lag""T, it has to be the wedding of 08 o" "T, u r slacking, you should already have majority done and a save the date sent" so much so I have begged some of the ladies on my train not to talk about it and if they do, do not add pressure, just make suggestions and lets go from there. I have had several dress offers but anytime, I pick a style one of my bm's will say, ha my shape, ha its not forgiving, ha something sha so I dont even wanna stress the designers or myself.

Well, my CBM and one of my BM's finally picked a style that I liked, I gave a maybe but you know what, I think its a yes so at least that part will be done and over with and all I have to worry about is my dress, jewels are being made by one of my BM's and long time close friend Anne of Jewelry by Anne, she has her work cut out for her because my girls are divas but I trust her sha, she will hook it up proper...

Please ask me why did I put DH in charge of deciding on a hall? ha ha ok I did not put him in charge, he kinda put himself in charge because he says we can do that part ourselves. So he calls me this morning (ok it is morning now right? lol) like "babes I promise today, you will have a hall" ha ha, and Im like "darl I should have had a hall like sooo last month", its sorta my fault because I initially did not want the hall he picked and by the time I changed my mind and they went to book it, it was gone :( I kinda feel bad that he is running around by himself considering how busy he is right now... oh well thats one thing I'm making up to

anyhoo, whats up with nig churches and this whole no tube top or spagheti , you have to cover your arms thing? as in the dresses I have in mind would look soo fugly with a wotever that thing is called around it. I think its a bit much, its not like you are naked or showing eheemm I hope I dont turn this blog into a nupt planning blog.. ha ha like that would be boring having to read me ramble on about what I did or did not get..

anyhoo, I am curious though, what are the best halls in lag, and how many is too many as per invites, someone said I could not get away with a strictly by invite affair, u wanna bet.. like I keep saying, yall aint seen bridezilla o.. I will raise up my dress, walk to the door and bounce folks myself, ok well except u have a nice present or are willing to bribe me.. haha ok Im kidding sha but I have started saying my prayers to limit the mogbo moyas, not cos we do not want them there but because I do not want a congested, uncomfortable atmosphere, so its bad enough our guestlist is looking close to 1k people imagine 1k plus another 1k in a hall that sits 1.5k comfortably, minus the massive stage and dancefloor..

ha, ok e don I promise no more planning talk anymore, for now, lol.. oh my I forgot, a picture of the new face of TP Cosmetics USA is here..Lovely! Im still searching for the face of tpWest africa... thank goodness I am feeling drowsy again so back to sleep for me

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little Treat..

Anyhoo its a live performance with a live band and very nice, Gosh!, that dude is sooo sexy, like he can totally sing to me anyday, lol... ok jokes aside, if you have never seen 9ice perform live, ahh let me not talk, you be the judge, I like when he says "you knoooooooooooooooooooooooow" Which brings me to the topic of live performances, I think naija artists should always perform with a live band, just sounds so much better plus you get to filter out the real talent. I know there are logistics involved like mics not working and bad sound systems at venues but it would be nice if organizers got it together and offered them a chance to show themselves properly... anyhoo, hope you enjoy the video, I dont know whats up with youtube and being slow but just in case the youtube version is acting up, here is a link to a better view

Thanks to DJ3K for hooking up this clip, and Ruggedman as always is something else. I have told him countless times he need to look into being an MC or Comedian.. Ehemm speaking of Ruggedman, he just shot 3 videos last month and guess whose tops were all up in the video, err TP baby!! Im gonna see if he can hook me up with pictures, they looked soo flipping hot.....anyhoo Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Vals Day

I just wanted to say happy vals day to everyone out there. I hope your day is filled with family love, friendly love, a lovers love and most importantly Gods love. My Vals day hasnt been half bad considering Im stuck here in LA when I really should be somewhere else but its been a very emotional day, a day of strong words and even stronger actions. Im sure you are like err T its 9 am, how has ur own vals day started? hahaha well my vals day started since yesterday considering im working on naija time.. Got a surpring his midnight message, then a surprising my midnight message, then another, then another. hahaha all I have to say is where ever I found him, may men from that place never finish. In fact God should produce more men like him, the world would be a better place. lol. If I could do it all over again, I would not blink an eye, and to think I almost ran.. hahahahahaha..

Heyyy, its vals day so I can afford to get a bit personal, you know those that know me can testify, the decision to get hitched has not been an easy one so much so my MOH asked me for the first 6 weeks if I am sure. I think she is just finally accepting that I have no problem falling in love. Well, to defend myself, its not like I wasnt interested in loving and settling down, its just that I have not been bothered because I have this outlook on life, I would rather stay single and have fun than marry a man that will give me problems, a man I am not proud to call mine, someone who I cant see as the father of my kids or a man that I am "managing".

I am a very passionate person and in order for me to turn the other eye, I just can't love you and if I cant love you why marry you. So I guess with that, I began to come across as unserious. I have had a few marriage offers, baby mama offers, hahaha even sugar mummy offers but I thank the lord that the final offer was something I felt was real, no scratch that, we felt was real, someone that understands me better than anyone else, someone that would not think twice before moving the earth for me and vice versa, someone that tells me and more importantly shows me how much he loves me every single day and most importantly someone I have peace of mind being with.

Anyways, enough of that lovey dovey stuff hahahaha.. my eyes are welling up. Oh gosh!.. lol.. ok big baby stop it o..Yeah relationships are something else arnt they? You learn new things everyday. Its amazing how I have matured in the past few years, when I look back at myself then and now, Im like wow!, you are a woman and I am happy about that. You begin to learn what matters and what doesnt, patience and how to love unselfishly.. Its a beautiful thing

ay ay ahhh so I heard it not all hunky dory sha o.. ehem, tell me something I don't know.. .lol...The sucky part is when your relationship is out there, you get this whole people thinking they know more about you than you know about yourself thing, everyone seems to want to form an opinion, but at the end of the day the truth is we are human and will have our ups and downs, fights and makeups but the most important thing is how we get through it together. And oh no I don't believe any woman is going to use juju to break us up and trap my man.. hahahaa, that one always tickles me. Gosh! I have heard it all... Anyhoo with that said, Happy Vals day again, wishing everyone the best life has to offer.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

make money selling TP makeup in naija

Information on becoming a TP cosmetics sales rep in naija is now available. You can find that by clicking this link and please feel free to pass the message along to anyone who is interested.. Same rules will apply to London once I take another trip out there to set things up. You can forward the url or a shortcut is; go to the website, click on information, its the last item on the list

I am on day 5 of not sleeping properly, I almost had a melt down yesterday but we thank the lord. Someone says I am messing with an ulcer, I did not know lack of sleep causes ulcers. haha.. oh well.. nothing much to blog about, just wanted to throw that info out there.

BTW: the rep is not limited to makeup alone.. you know one step at a time. anyhoo have a fun wednesday

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Join the Academy

I think this lack of sleep actually works soo much better for me. I have been able to accomplish things I have been procrastinating on for months. Next week, I will be announcing who the new face of TP cosmetics is. Lets just say she is very beautiful and I am glad I choose her. She will be the face of brand nationally and internationally would be her and another chick. The other lady, I have not decided on yet. I just have not seen anyone else that I am passionate about seeing them on product catalog, ads and stuff. Not like this young lady.. Maybe my next trip to nig, I could be walking on the streets and find some irrisitable looking chick..

Remember that photoshoot I talked about a while back, clean vs grungy.. all natural, seeing as most of the cosmetics are all natural I figured something raw would be perfect for my naija campaign.. Anyhoo, in a few days the website will have information on becoming a rep in naija, we are currently taking rep orders since people wanna punch me in the eye for not having places to buy. Let peace reign o because violence is not the Its not my fault, its just hard dividing myself into all these places but I promise this year things will be different. In fact london too, yall are next but for now, you know the drill..

Anyho enough rambling and on to the topic... this year will see a lot of Positive vibes from the TP Academy. TP apparel will focus a lot on designs from the Academy with catch phrases like Looking Fly Since 1980, School of Efikos, School of Fashionistas with corresponding designs...anyways you get where I am going with this.. Oh lets not forget the TP Academy Alumni shirt and this shirt can only be ordered by people who own at least 5 different TP shirts (and yes we will ask for proof) and oooo our baby wear, the cutest one I have right now says "my daddy thinks my mummy is a hottie" I can totally see my baby wearing that.. hehehe.. The looking fly shirt is out and it's corresponding design is the peace sign with a revolving circle in it, pretty much encouraging world peace. Also, I am going to play with colors this time, lots of bright, bold colors. Yeah the shirts are a must have item, or so I hear..Which reminds me of a convo I had with my curious little cousin/apprentice( tryna train him to be a business man). So we are standing in line at the post office when he decides to scrutinze

Cuzzo: Aunty S, I have a question for you

ME: Yeah what is it

Cuzzo: Do you think you are weird because I have never seen anyone like you

ME: "laughs" err why do you say that?

Cuzzo: because you do not wear anything else, how come its only toni payne you wear

ME: "laughs louder" what do you expect me to wear

Cuzzo: I don't knoow

ME: exactly, if I don't like or wear my stuff then who will

Cuzzo: *shruggs* well its true sha

lol.. gotta love kids though, he is totally 12 going on 40. I never really thought about it but he is correct, 9 times out of 10 I am rocking something TP.. except of course its formal wear which I don't carry yet. I think its because I am a Tshirt and jeans person.. thats what I am comfy in...Funny thing is when he helps me make a decision about a shirt or anything else company related, he says to me, he deserves 50% of the profit based on his thats our family capitalist.. He would make a good businessman one day with proper training. I already set him up with a recycling business, collect cans and get paid.. then he tried to plan a hostile takeover, claming CEO while demoting me the founder.... hahaha anyhoo back to work for me..

BTW.. in case you are planning a wedding in naija here you go.. I fell in love with the two decorations below , so Im like I gotta have that. Anyhoo, the CEO is Molara and she is totally awesome!.. I am sure after this whole experience is over I can write a book. Anyhoo with that said, naija has gone far o. I have seen some MAD cakes men as in to die for... its all so stressful yet exciting..

Sunday, February 10, 2008

going through it + pictures

I have not slept, I think I am suffering from some sort of anxiety attack, Im restless, my tummy keeps turning and I just can't stop moving. Im curious to know especially from married couples or couples who have been together for a while, is it possible that 9 times out of 10 when your mate feels something, you feel it too? Like for instance, lets say everytime your mate gets a headache, feels some sort of body pain or falls ill, you do too. Sounds weird huh? I actually think its quite freaky!

Anyhoo I have some pictures from the future awards I wanted to share, but i have been too lazy to upload cos of file size so I'm just going to add them to my facebook... In case you wanna know what TP wore.. check it out.. excuse the background, our neighbour is currently rennovating his house....btw I am thinking of changing my hair, too much wahala. As in good example, when I was leaving NIG at the airport, at every check point I either had someone that either wanted to feel my hair, find out it its real or talk about it.. its tiring, not to talk of being asked out by old ass men.. arrgghh! yeah the hair draws too much unwanted attention.. You should see reactions when I walk on the streets in naija, Im almost expecting someone to come ask if Im and naijas dont know how to hide it, kai!. People point, stare and Im like shit it really isnt that big. arrrggggghhhhhhh!
ooooooooooooo and I just love this picture with Denrele who is easily one of my fav people in the world.. he is about as real as they come, and we all know how I feel about fake people...
Anyhoo, out of my lack of sleep, i was blog crawling all over the place and ran into a comment I made on Lindas blog about 7 months ago.. Gosh time flies o, in fact sighs!!!!!! I remember when I decided to do that interview, too many things went through my mind, like how can you promote someone thats that good even though you are affiliated with them without sending red flags and tongues wagging... well, I decided fucc it, I really dont give a rats ass, put the interview up and I am glad I did cos now I can brag that me sef got to interview 9ice... hehehehehe.. anyhoo with the no1 song in naija right now, I'm glad to see that I was correct.. but then again I am always thats two for two..
Oh BTW, this is still in the works but my next project is pretty much set in stone, although I will not be doing PR for anyone else but Mr9, I will be working on launching the Toni Payne Image Consultants firm (name is not set in stone), which will emphasize more on personal image. This will include public image, personal style, damage control etc.... Lord knows I know a few folks who need the damage control anyhoo that will be naija only, I already have a few clients waiting for me to say yes its official but I still need to put finishing touches on my overall goal for the company.. I have not heard of any image consultant firm in the naija entertainment sector so I think Ill be the first, maybe Ill inspire more companies to pop up, that would be cool..
Also, I have decided maybe its time to go back to school to brush up on my video directing and editing skills. I used to be soo good, got the degree but never followed up. Not a bad idea to try it again huh? Oh and I am looking into joining that feminist org in nig.. yeah that would be cool..
restless mind = plenty ideas..

Friday, February 08, 2008

If I got a penny

Everytime I get asked this question. "How can I get 9ice's new album" I would be buying my second home, lol. Anyhoo, the answer is the album is NOT out yet. It should be out end of Feb/First week in March 2008. I'm not even speaking on a "p" level but I swear that is going to be album of the year 2008. Every single track is on point, from love songs ( I have two personal favs), to reggae tunes to hip hop, dance tracks, etc.. sha something for everyone, not to talk of contagious vocals, in fact a blend of everything. The album is also going to see something I have been looking forward to, 2 hot ass vocalists on one track...ok let me stop, ok let me not, seeing as I am in charge of publicity, yeah dudes and dudettes, the album is going to be fayaaaaaaah!.. lol ..

Anyhoo just FYI: The only thing out right now is the single Gongo Aso, I know there are fakes out there on the market already which brings me to the topic of pirates.. They irk the hell out of me, like how do you just want to reap where you did not sow, you take someone’s hard work, copy it and make money from it. Pirates deserve epe every night I arrggh they make me sick.. So what’s going on now is, they took the single Gongo Aso, added it to a bunch of other songs, some from his last album "the Certificate" and are selling it as his. I have heard soo many stories, last one I heard was a pirated CD titled Gongo Aso with his image on it.. like whooaasssssaaaaa!....some are even added to other artist songs, I guess they call that a selection CD.. whatever that is, its still wrong..

Anyhoo so I was thinking, it would be cool to form a union, Musicians Against Pirates (MAP) because this problem has to stop and I still don’t get why the govt won’t intervene. I heard through the grapevine the pirates are very powerful, so much so they even have their own union. That’s crazy huh? A union for stealing from others.. hahaha.. Personally, I think the govt won't do anything about it because they don't think there is money in that industry and too bad because they are dead wrong. These pirates are making millions from other peoples sweat and they really need to be stopped.. anyhoo enough rants for one day.. When the album comes out Ill be the first to blog about it and will def have signed copies on sale online at hmm maybe we should take preorders sef....

anyhoo back to watching the Simpson’s, gosh its soo weird how I have religiously watched that cartoon for years, even when I was not allowed to watch it. I think I must have been around 11 or 12 when my mum banned me from watching it because of Bart’s bad behavior. She said I was going to pick up bad things from the show.. hehehe funny huh? still my fav cartoon till date, bad behavior and all..

Speaking of shows, it’s still in the air but I’m supposed to be working on some reality TV show in Naija soon. Its a show about models or is it pageant winners in a house for little while and they get tasks and learn things and I guess I’m supposed to head some of the tasks, teach makeup application, etc etc.. Anyhoo sounded interesting when they approached me with the proposal, will keep yall updated.

In case you did not notice, I am on a blog roll, I have been soo restless lately I cant get myself to stop moving..

Thursday, February 07, 2008

and they told me..

he wouldnt shoot the video..gosh! I love being right.. hehehe.. arrrgghh! I have heard all kinds of excuses being made for dude but at the end of the day **cheesing** I was right.. lol. I beg whomever I made bets with needs to come and pay up o.. you know yourselves so don't let me cast you.

anyhoo on to better things, Im soo upset, I forgot to bring a copy of ASA's cd with me and now Im craving her songs.. :( Yeah yeah I could download it online, but I wont. Its so funny how I memorized the lines to Mr Jailer after listening to it about 4 times, had people thinking I'd heard it before. I am one person that listens very carefully to lyrics, in fact lyrics do it for me before the beat. She touches on a lot of topics that just makes you aware shit goes on around you. I think my fav songs are Mr Jailer (was this really directed at KLG) don't shoot me o thats what I, Fire on the Mountain, Fimi sile, and the one with Sisi Oyun osun Meta. Ok forgive me if I did not get the titles correct but yeah, I am totally in love with ASA's music. She stands as my fav female artist, well, I never really had one but now I do.. I tried to find other videos but could only find fire on the mountain.. enjoy
ps.. Yoruba is such a beautiful language, did not really appreciate as much it till 9ice and Asa

its 4:30am.

and I can't sleep. I have been soo restless, I guess I have too much on my mind, so many things I probably need to let out. Hey, I am human, well last time I checked I was.. I am at a stage in my life, business etc where every decision I make counts. I know I do discuss a bit of how I work on here but the thing is most do not know the half of it.. The stress, the money you have to spend, the slow seasons, the runs, the things not going as planned, the money, the bills, the responsibilities that come with owning a business. Its like people expect you to live up to a certain standard and thats impossible for me because I enjoy doing things at my own pace. Now lets not get into the inconsiderate folks, that think because you have a biz, you have automatically turned into a money tree. So my take is, if I give you my dough how will I grow..? see how that

Now its like, T you cant really slack or just get by, you have reached the level where you need to take it to another level.. and this is where I am stuck, I am stuck on where to start.. The biggest issue I have now is I am fully established here but my heart keeps telling me, in fact it keeps screaming to me, naija. Yeah, naija is cool and there is money to be made but am I ready? I suppose I am but why is it so hard to just say yes this is how it will happen....

The other day I was at STV and a lady came on the morning show, lord, I forgot her name but she owns Rose of Sharon (I think) but boy did I feel her, she said some things that really moved me in regards to making decisions about business. She said she had to make certain decisions in life which brought her to where she is now, well I think I am at the stage she was at when she did that. Well, I should have gotten her info because that would have been a fantastic person to have a one on one with... Last year I also sat down with Muyiwa who designs clothes and my future inlaw who owns Iconola in the soundcity waiting room.. and its like I have never seen myself get echoed, talking to them was like a breath of fresh air because the short time we spent talking, they echoed so many things I also face. I honestly think young entrepenuers should get together once a month and just discuss, I think it would help because then, you begin to realize you are not alone...

Its like, you have to ask yourself so many questions and make decisions based on the answers you get. I know deep down inside the naija market would be a great place to follow through on properly, not just half assing it but I also know if I do my attention to where it all started will suffer. Plus I keep getting demand in different places so my concentration is being diverted whereby confusing me even more... I keep having to remind myself that I am only one person and the way I stress and think lately could potentially affect my health but that never helps...

Its like placing your baby that you have cared for in the hands of someone else and just closing your eyes and saying Ill check on her once in a while.... Its not an easy task.. I just spent the past 40 mins gettin a pep talk from my man, he seems to make sense but I know deep down its not that easy for me. I wish I could be more like him, he never lets things he can't control bother him, just free spirited live and let live type person but boy I am the total opposite... The moral support does help but the buts are still there, in fact I wont kill myself..

If you were me, what would you do.. right now there is no sure answer, just confusion.. what is the next step for me.. I am happy and content in every other aspect of my life.. I just wish I could get this part right on the first try. So T what and what do you need to do to take it to the next level, for growth, to create that empire you dream of.. What? sighs!....

It cracks me up when people think they know you or the half of what you go through, it cracks me up to the point where it is almost irritating when people looking from the outside form negative opinions about you that are far from the truth but you know what, such is life.. I have chosen my path and pray the decisions I make from now on are good ones so that my haters can rot in the pit of their own self ok thats mean sha but yeah!.. I do enjoy the support I get from friends, bloggers etc, it does help in the motivational dept but then you know a rose is not without its thorns amist all the well wishers, a few aspiring haters and back talkers will emerge but I know one thing, God pass them.... I have made some bad decisions and some good ones in that past and thats what makes me human. So far I aspire to be on top and work towards it, I will continue to pat myself on the back..

Anyhoo, on to a light note, I just want to say the person who said keep your enemies close and friends closer never lied.. I was just going over soo many things, not happening to me personally but things in general in my head.. Its funny how its the people who smile with you the most that won't hesitate to cast you.. anyhoo story for another day....

anyhoo, on with my night vigil, I was on bellas blog today though I havent had the chance to read her blog comments in a long while but i guess something happened while I was away, between two people I know and anyhoo bla bla bla so of course I had to read and notate the trends in the comments. What bothered me was that people who came there to talk where anonymous posters, I am not a big fan of anon poster who have nothing good to say only becuase they come across as cowards. I have a simple motto "If I have something to say about you, Ill say it to you, get the mud out and lets duke it out" lol... another thing was they just had too much to say, too personal for my liking, yeah bloggin is fun etc but people should know where to draw the line.... kinda had me rethinking this whole blog thing.. maybe its time to retire the semi personal aspect of it...

sha thats not where I am going with this, in the middle of reading all the comments, my name popped up.. of course it had to be from an anomymous poster..(no brainer).. after reading it I started cracking up and it actually uped my sour mood a bit.. Said poster had some negs to say about my outfit to the future... well ha ha and bloody ha.. I liked it so thats what counts. I was in the mood to tell the person to go and chop shit but I won't because it really doesnt matter. with that said all I have to say is LEAVE BRITTANY ALONE!.. maybe now I can get some sleep..

ps.. bella, I see u o.. I have your koboko

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


Gosh! reading the comments about LASMa had me rolling on the floor. Well, I had read a blog a while back about putting the LASMA person in the car, locking the door and chanting incantations while driving, and making him plead to be I seriously had it in mind already but my mans right hand man had already gotten out of the car to fight dude so there was too much commotion going on to think straight.. Anyhoo, lets just say after we drove off I heard the LASMA guy ended up screaming like a u no wot.. hehehe serves him right. The only thing that bothered me was that I wasnt there to throw in a kick or two.. but I know that face anywhere I go..

sha, LASMA needs to be scrapped, bunch of worthless suns of guns.. In fact I don't know who is worse them or those traffic ones, I forgot their name but they are supposedly in charge of speed etc.. I was in ikeja when I saw this guy hit a brand new lexus with his stick.. we rolled down our window and DH and I started hurling abuses at the guy. hehehe, naija can be fun sha.. and oh lord, the day I got pulled over and did not have a license. I swear I could have won an oscar, fake tears and all. I knew I could cry on command but danm, I was proud of myself.. " oga, yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, my wallet o, haaa na who thief my wallet" *sobs**sobs* "see oga, my licence dey inside my wallet, I left it in the car and quickly ran inside and when I came back it was gone" *sobs* "ahhhh yaaaaaaah ahhhh, hmmmn, this life o". It took everyone in the car all their might not to start laughing, Id already warned that if anyone laughs the would be in hot soup.. sha they let me be cos lord knows I wasnt ready to part with a dime based on being intimidated...

Anyhoo, driving in NIG is an experience, I actually kinda liked it, not so boring because there is always something going on.. between okadas and danfos and watching out for popos the trip goes by quite fast.. but but but, naija is quite hectic as in sighs!.. you need extra balls to live there. Like simple things are done in the most complicated way so much so that I am having second thoughts about holding the nupt there, ok just kidding but yeah, its crazy sha..

Anyhoo gotta work, so much catching up to do but more gist later I guess, ehem I don't wanna get too carried away