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Friday, May 25, 2007

wiennaaaa here is ur budunk

I have not really had the chance to blog because I have been busy unpacking and preparing for my HW party. Gosh! Moving is sooo stressfull! What makes up for it is that I love my new home. Its sooo ME, ok well technically "me" would be a huge mansion with 20 rooms and a huge living room with a 100 inch screen tv that I can watch movies on all night and a huge bedroom with a jacuzzi in the middle but since I would probably enjoy that more with my hussy and kids, this is sooo me for now. Anyhoo, Wienna, as promised here is the budunk shot. This is the best I could do for now.. red white and blue..

Friday, May 18, 2007

hell hath no fury

They say it is rare to find a woman who has not been hurt deeply by a man. Personally I do not buy that because I exist and I am sure there are many more like me. When I say I have never had my heart broken people always look at me like I'm speaking french. Well, its the truth, maybe I was built tough, or maybe I have never really given my heart away to the point where it is vulnerable. Or maybe I just never put myself in compromising situations or maybe I am just lucky not to run into terrible men. Actually, so far I have been lucky to run into good guys ( I confess to usually being the runner), oh with the exception of just one, but he did not make boyfriend status anyhow because I saw through him before it went anywhere. He was actually a nice guy but he had a major problem. lol. He was a pathological liar, you know the kind that if he says good morning, you do not have to check to see if it is morning because you know for sure it is night. Yeah! that kind. lol. other than that he was pretty cool, plus I have a feeling he really couldn't help himself. I always used to say I feel sorry for the woman that ends up with him because she just bought herself a lifetime of lies and lord knows what else. Now, imagine me trying to settle down with that guy, of course I am asking for trouble and a very unhappy future.

Anyhow why am I talking about relationships you ask? well I was reading Veras blog and Stella's Blog and I just couldn't stop asking myself why these women are putting themselves through this mess. I am not one to judge but I think they have set themselves up for a lifetime of drama and heartache because no matter how much we try to pretend we do not care, our hearts were not cut out for sharing out partners. Like if you know he is married and he has told you he is not leaving his wife why even go as far as having his child, and what would possess any woman to settle for second best aka second wife. Sighs! In my opinion, polygamy is a terrible thing, and the rate of infidelity in NIG is appalling. I don't see anything good coming out of it except confusion, confusion and more confusion. I feel sooo bad for the kids that will be forced into these types of situations. God forbid, if my husband comes home with another "wife" hahhahaha, gosh I can just picture my reaction. He will know better sha!

Not that I am nosey or anything, I am actually curious to see how these stories will round up. Err and OJB, is he OK? I mean 4real is he trying to break some sort of record? and those girls? Maybe there is a shortage of men. Well sha yoruba people will say "eni to kan lo mo" meaning you can only understand when its your turn. So maybe there are different factors that play a role into their decisions to be the other woman.. HA! the other woman!, kai! just saying it gives me the

A quote from Vera's blog: "Then Amah and Korede: These two pretty girls in their early 20's had promising careers in Music and Dancing respectively until Amah got pregnant and had a child for singer, OJB Jezreel, AKA Jigger. OJB is still married to his wife of several years and is in his early 40's, but didn't see nothing wrong in having extra marital affairs. Amah, who was happy to be wife N0.2 has received a shocker as Korede(professional dancer) who is in her 20's and a bit younger than Amah is currently carrying Jigger's child.What goes around, comes around. lol."

A quote from Stellas blog: (this is in refrence to Caroline Ekanem)"after all her elongated mouth interviews where she openly professedto be dating a nigerian based abroad,this actress has just given birth toa son for a man old enough to be her fathers younger brother.well my problem is not even the mans age,my probelm is that how can someone as young(wetin be her age sef)and as pretty as caro let herself be sweet talked into becoming semi-second wife cum semi concubine?how will her co-wife treat her?what if there is more thanone co-wife?what amount of money could have lured this silly girl into this lifetime of mistake"

Another quote from Stella's Blog "according to the well informed olofofos the brouhaha of nike throwing out tunde from her victoria island apartment was because''Dr Soleye has since been in secret communication with Omoua who has sent messages to him through his friends to stay away from her life. the dr told friends he wants to send his people to Benin to ask for forgiveness and a comeback with Omoua and to marry her asap, that Nike will always be a friend to him and not a wife.The news got to Nike , who threw tantrums with Dr Soleye and locked him out of her flat in VI when he showed up in the earlyhours of the morning.Nike has also sworn to her close friend Nkiru aumudu(nkiru introduced nike and soleye) that she might call off the june wedding.''also olofofos swear that while Nike was away in India some weeks back,Dr Soleye went back to another of his ex named Hadiza muazu in Abjua and spent 3 nights at Hadiza's flat is pissed that she cannot continue to follow tunde around guarding him like a policewoman.Nike's dilemna is that after the wedding in June, she cannot continue to watch his every move.''well what a couple.nIke loves men with money and Dr Soleye loves women with glamour !!"

Good luck to them!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Being Human...

I was reading Linda's blog and she said something that really got me thinking, people say Karma will get you but how come a lot of bad people go unpunished. Really makes you wonder if you truly reap what you sow? Also had me thinking about emotions people feel for each other, like what triggers it to to point where its so strong. I think sometimes as humans, we love hard and hate harder but I wonder why.

You know they say no one is perfect and hatred is a strong word but really is it not a human emotion. Like lets say you hate just one person so much your tummy turns at the sound of their voice or at the mention of their name. Is there a point saying oh I just dislike him or her? I also wonder about people who can't divorce amicably, who claim to hate each other. Like how do you jump from Love to Hate and what could the other person hav done to warrant it. I have to admit thats one of the things that scares me about marriage. Ideally, we all want a till death do us part marriage but people can change, I guess we just have to hope and pray we are not a statistic.

Ive always been told not to say I hate someone, "always say you dislike them, because hate is a strong word" but what if you do not dislike them? What if you really and truly just hate them, is there a point faking it or calling it what its not. Today was a relaxing work day so I really had the time to think about a lot of things we do in this life. I'm such a loving, forgiving person I know it would take a lot for me to hate so if I ever tell you I hate you and sound like I mean it, know that you have done something so unthinkable I no longer see you as a human being.. lol.. hopefully that never happens because we need more love in this world...... If only we could all be kind hearted and thoughtful at all times. The world would be a better place.

Ok that is enough thinking for one day. My head hurts. lol.

Sidenote: The NEW issue of Naija Ent Mag is online and ready for viewing.. Loads of fresh artists..

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Hollywood Shopping event

Before I even start blogging.. This incident right here makes my blood boil violently. I mean common...The man should have his tinker cut off. sighs!

We are going to be doing the hollywood shop till you drop event this month so if you are in the LA area and want to come, I can try to squeeze you on my guestlist. The show is going to have fashion shows, live dj, goodie bags, free massage and makeovers and loads of celebs eye candy. Its always fun, especially the fashion show portion plus you get to mingle. Anyhoo the event is on May 26. For those who cant make it, I promise to try and take a photographer with me this time. It gets soooo busy I can hardly stop to take pictures myself. I am really considering organizing something similar in NIG. Obviously the standard has to be as high and loads of fun.... well just a thought.

On to other things.. I am officially obsessed with Lord of Ajasas music.. He is soo unique and I love how he plays with the yoruba language.. muchos sexiros.. lol.. I can just listen to him all day.. AHH.. if yall have not heard his album, you should pick it up. Or if you wanna hear what he sounds like, you can download the talent dey waste song with him and 9ice from my previous post.

Talking about NIG music.. mehn, I have always said 2face himself cant possibly know how popular he is worldwide. Like I always wonder if he would be like a millionaire if that song was released on the US.... anyhoo proving my point, yet again.. lol.. ( I love being right) A friend sent me this link on you tube and Im like awwww dats hot!.. but ALAS! there is more... My fav rendition is the little boy with the guitar. I cant wait to do some amebo.. lol.. errr sidenote: Wsup with this Blak Jesus it me or is he turning into an overnight internet superstar. Next thing I know ill be watching him on VH1 or is it Echannel. You know that program that talks about internet videos.. lol.. that will be a trip..
Anyhoo enjoy

and another one...

and another one...

and yet another one...

and yet anoooooother one....

and of course.. lets not forget the original version...

I wonder who the next Nigerian Superstar is... I think I have an idea..

Monday, May 07, 2007

ass faux pas...

I was on the net during my break and ran into some pictures of Usher and his fiancee Tameka Foster and something caught my eye. Well not like I was really looking at that something but yeah wotever.!.. I noticed that, just like moi she belongs to the NASSATALL club, of which I am a proud member. hehe. Whats the big deal you ask? Well it just helped prove a point I have made over and over again about men and big asses. Now Usher, with the tons of choices he coulda had (big budunk, medium budunk, round budunk, curved budunk, inverted budunk.. lol) choose someone with little budunk.. Yeaaaayyyy for him.. Good Job!. lol.. Just like Mo'nique is for big girls, Im for nassatal girls. So Im proud to say 1 point for us..

I always crack up when my male friends or men in general go on and on about how they love a big backyard. saying things like "wow, if you see that girls ass, I can give her my whole paycheck" Bullocks! I mean the way some of these men go on when they see a girl with a big budunkadunk you would think they would never date anyone from the Nassatall club. Speaking from experience thats a big fat lie, I get hit on more than some of my friends with a big badunkadunk.. lol. Why am I a proud member? well I think its my addiction to True Religion, Seven, Antik Denim and Yanuk Jeans. They are just not made for big backyards.

Pictures are courtesy of Oh BTW. go on the website to read the article. Supposedly she does not get along with his mum and she is controlling him bla bla bla.. If this were NIG they will say she has done him juju.. lmao!

Nassatall member.. ( hehehe I think mine is even bigger sef)

awwwww, ugg boots in spring.. how adorable (hehe)

Disclaimer: there is no proof she has no ass but the picture sure does make her look like it. lol.. anyhoo back to work for me.

BTW: Guess who has a blog.. Stella Damasus.. Nice!!!. Gosh, we should have like a bloggers party and it would be packed and so much fun.. oh yeah, yall should go to Bobby BGT's Blog. She has some questions up and Im kinda curious to read peoples answers.. The title of the post is Difference.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Onna Ehrlich Handbags

It is always nice to see young naija women doing things that are commendable in the business world. My friend Onna Ehrlich is a handbag designer and her bags were recently featured on E! channel. Just wanted to share a clip of the video with yall.. One thing I love about her is how hard working she is. Like dont be fooled by the petit frame because this chick can hang with the best of them. She is hella aggresive! Her bags are very nice and she pays attention to detail, my personal fav is the Renee ( I have a thing for handbags that can fit my house. lol) but soon as I can make it down to her showroom, Im getting Vanessa aka "the Lindsay" cos she loves me so much *wink* *wink*.. lol.. anyhoo, you can visit her website at

Ehem.. Onna dont say I don't love you o.. :) you know I wanna be like u when I grow