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Friday, March 25, 2016

Toni Payne : Inspirational Speaker, Poet, Author, Media Personality and Entrepreneur

The journey called life will take you through a lot of places. You can never predict where you will be in 5 years, you just need to work hard and hope for the best. With that said, my official website has been revamped and updated. I would like to do more to inspire others like me to attain greatness and also to never give up in the face of adversaries. I have faced war and conquered. You can too..
Below is my official bio as of today. It changes from time to time as I add more feathers to my cap. To keep tabs on Toni Payne - my official website is 

Official Bio -
Toni Payne is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Spoken Word Poet, Philosopher, Entertainment and Lifestyle Writer, Jewelry Designer, Media Personality, Podcaster and Entrepreneur. She describes herself as a lover of keeping things simple and a believer in peaceful living. She runs the website where you can read her self help and lifestyle blurbs. It is also a platform where she shares her creative side via her Spoken Word Poetry, Short Stories, and Quotes.
Growing up around well-groomed business-minded women, Toni Payne always had a passion for being creative, and an innate drive for business. Her passion for poetry, entertainment, fashion, and beauty has led her to creating a niche for herself in the Entertainment Industry.
She launched her first online entertainment company in 1999 and has been on the rise ever since. Her various businesses have gained her dedicated followers and with highlights in various top magazines all over the world and features on the popular entertainment news show ET on MTV, features and profiles on top Entertainment Programs and many more. In 2009 she went through a re-branding process which birthed the now very popular company Toni Payne Concepts; an entertainment firm, as well as a beauty and fashion company who now houses the Toni Payne Brand
Holding a degree in video digital art, her love for the arts dates back from her childhood days where she would write poetry, draw, paint and many more. A creative mind, Toni Payne has morphed over time into a vibrant entrepreneur, entertainment icon, witty writer, event consultant, poet and Inspirational Speaker. Toni Payne has set a high standard and a great work reputation for herself in the Entertainment Industry.
She launched a self help podcast that touches on a variety of topics and is available for subscription on iTunes under the name “Trending Topics with Toni Payne”. Her Self Help, Pop Culture, Lifestyle and Entertainment blurbs are funny, witty and very real. She has a way of drawing you in because she writes from the heart. She also features some of her spoken word poetry for download and has a page dedicated to motivating you with picture quotes.
With the goal of fully achieving all her dreams while being relatively well-rounded, Payne continues to develop various skills to help improve and propel her work to greater heights.