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Thursday, November 20, 2008

MTV Africa Music Awards MAMAS: My predictions

Lets see if I am correct on I have listed the people I think will win in Bold. and ermm if 9ice doesn't win Best Hip Hop which I think he should, its going to the Game.. and best male should be 2face hands down..I like Batman Samini but I know the performer is going to Dbanj even though PSquare also deserves it, .. Asa def deserves artist of the year, ermm that Category should be won by 9ice next year o, even though I think he should have been nominated for and won Artist of the year for this year but oh well.. *coughs* and of course Best New Act is urs truly hands down.. if it goes to anyone else Ill be very very shocked!!.. Anyhoo those are my predictions, Im usually very correct when it comes to things like this so lets see Sunday if I'm 100% or less..

Wahu (Kenya)
Asa (Nigeria)
Dama Do Bling (Mozambique)
Sasha (Nigeria)
Zonke (South Africa)

Jua Cali (Kenya)
2Face (Nigeria)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
DJ Cleo (South Africa)
HHP (South Africa)

Samini (Ghana)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
P-Square (Nigeria)
Cassette (South Africa)
Jozi (South Africa)

P-Square (Nigeria)
Freshly Ground (South Africa)
Jozi (South Africa)
The Parlotones (South Africa)
East African Bashment Crew (Uganda)

Buraka Som Sistema (Portugal)
Goldfish (South Africa)
Seether (South Africa)
The Parlotones (South Africa)
Coldplay (UK)

9ice (Nigeria)
HHP (South Africa)
Professor Jay (Tanzania)
Lil Wayne (USA)
The Game (USA)

P-Square (Nigeria)
Akon (Senegal / USA)
Loyiso (South Africa)
Alicia Keys (USA)
Rihanna (USA)

Asa (Nigeria)
D’Banj (Nigeria)
P-Square (Nigeria)
HHP (South Africa)
Seether (South Africa)

Kwaw Kese (Ghana)
Wahu (Kenya)
9ice (Nigeria)
Naeto C (Nigeria)
Da L.E.S. (South Africa)

Movaizhaleine (Gabon) – Nous
Ikechukwu (Nigeria) – Wind Am Well
P-Square (Nigeria) – Roll It
Freshlyground (South Africa) – Pot Belly
Pro Kid (South Africa) – Uthini Ngo Pro

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Vote 9ice for the following categories at the 2008 MTV mama awards

Voting is easy and you can vote as many times as you like! All you need to do is SMS to 33004 (costs N50) with your nomination keywords:
- BEST HIP HOP: ''Hip Hop C''
- BEST NEW ACT: ''New Act C''

for SMS voting outside of Nigeria, heres how to do it.

-BEST HIP HOP: ''Hip Hop C''
- BEST NEW ACT: ''New Act C''
to the following

NIGERIA - 33004
KENYA - 2929
GHANA - 1778
TANZANIA - 15555
UGANDA - 7197
DRC - 4444
REST OF THE WORLD ( USA, UK ETC) - +45 609 910 232

thanks yall and God bless!

Lets support the Oba Ara of Naijaland cos Photocopy Ko Easy and Gongo ti So.

Ill be back tomorrow or next to blog a special topic that came up two days ago.. its about relationships, u know the usual women who knowingly obsess over/sleep with taken men.. not necessarily married o.. dating, engaged, married, etc. was discussing an associate of a friend the other day, ok I wasn't discussing per say but I listened sha.. basically she is about to hit 40 and desperate to be married, now the gist is when she was our age she spent it dating guys who either had GFs, were married or were taken in some way shape or form, as in she did not mind sharing with the hopes that the guy would leave the other girls for her, but it never happened supposedly they would lie to her, sleep with her and end up back with their original girls... and the sucky part was potential suitors would notice her choice of men and back off.. anyhoo ill continue this later sha cos its deeper than just her story since it seems very common amongst girls my age to do the same in the name of fun or he cant lie to me bullshit or he will leave her crap.. and oooo wee I saw some video on youtube the other day, some unilag girls.. omo I BOW! our girls have advanced pass pass o.. hehehe

Monday, November 10, 2008


hmnn, ok this is no longer news but this story/incident is bothering the hell out of me.. Its sad cos this is the type of stuff that discourages people from coming back home.. The whole naval officers beating on a lady incident, the day I watched the video, I dont know how many emotions ran through my body or how many thoughts I had but the one thought that stuck in my mind was, this could be anybody, it could be me, you, ur sister, your neice etc. The way women are disrespected in naija is appalling. I can count how many times Ive been pulled over and the dum dums will tell me to call my husband like I dont know what a friggin car registration looks like... That ish pisses me ff each time, and I have no patience for such so I can totallys see me dragging it out with these folks.. Very sad that in 2008 we still have this kind of barbaric behavior going on in a supposedly civilised country. One thing I am happy about though is, it doesn't look like she is gonna take it laying down, its about time someone stood up and did something. We need a solid human rights group in naija 4 real.. As in one that is taken mad serious.. Anyhoo enuff of the depressing stuff..

I have not blogged in a hot while, not like I dont have much to blog about, in fact I can write a book with my thoughts but i dont know, maybe I am getting tired of blogging. oh well, I have soo much energy I could light up an estate so I cant sleep. All these food network shows r getting grosser by the second, like who likes to eat raw oysters and stuff. Anyhoo, enough of the rambling, one good news though, Ive decided to go back to my roots as per what I studied in school so dont be surprised if you hear T-Payne-A is the next big music video director out of should be fun and should keep me mad occupied, Im very excited cos Ill have even more on my plate so ill never be

PS: I feel this terrible urge to tell someone off, like a public scapegoatish showdown.. sighs!!