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Thursday, April 26, 2007

must be good to be 9ice..

So I have a new fav artist, actually he has been more like lurking fav cos he became my fav the day I saw him perfrom with Ruggedman sometime last year, out of all the performances theirs stood out the most and I was like ahhh shoot! this dude is no doubt raw talent.. he sorta reminds me of how unique 2face is crossed with a bit of pasuma ( yes I like pasuma, deal with it)... Forget listening to music on the radio or in ur car, mehn the performance was soo spiritual, hehehe I almost had an out of body experience.. ok im soo serious o... hehehe. no lie.. anyhoo I got my hands on the promo video and err a you send it link to two of my fav songs so enjoy.. oo and it has on of my favs, Lord of Ajasa. for some reason, If i hear Ajasa is on a track, im very eager to listen.. dude just cracks me up.. anyhoo watch out for the next issue of naija ent.. its gonna feature a lot of talented artists with 9ice on the cover.. soo echoing on.. "Make them talk, we want to know wsup, idi ti Garri Shey won" yah mehn they should come explain that to us.. hehehehe

9ice feat Lord of Ajasa - Talent dey waste

9ice's Website - coming soon

9ice & 2shotz - Make them talk

Monday, April 23, 2007

Being unproductive is sooo uncool

First things first.. I am considering an airbrush makeup range added to the line so if there is anyone in NIG that is interested in carrying this let me know. Im in the research stage so all feedback, suggestions will be welcome...

So, I took the better part of last week off and I think I got used to it. It’s funny how I’m finding it hard to get back in the swing of things. I literally had to drag myself to my meeting today after talking myself into not moving it to tomorrow. Oh well! Sidenote…My little sis was watching the latest NI episode I taped and she echoed me, I was telling my mum how I had this urge to pull my She called me and out of nowhere said, mehn I just feel like pulling your cheeks. I was like, “get out of here, ME TOOOOO”.. lol..

I just have to share this piece of really gross information. Please if you are eating don’t read. So, I had to meet up with someone this afternoon to have a look at some investment properties. Anyhoo, my nav has this habit of leaving me in the middle of the road especially in areas where the streets are not well defined. I’m going around in circles looking for this place and while driving, I had to stop for on coming traffic, out of boredom, I looked to my left and what do I see? Something that will haunt me for ages!!!!!! A grown ass man taking a dump right in front of an apartment building located on a very busy major street. I’m talking he wasn’t hiding o, at first I figured my eyes were playing tricks on me so I kept staring, asking myself If I could really see the side of his buttocks or was I just tired from yesterday. Well heck, I wish, this was live!

Anyhoo, what made it a bit amusing was he wasn’t alone, he had a partner in faeces dumping. Another grown man is standing next to him holding a roll of tissue and rolling a bit out for the guy, he hands it over to him and the culprit wipes his ass and throws it right there on the ground. He sees me staring and of course I couldn’t resist gesticulating and letting him know he is very nasty. I contemplated calling the cops but figured before they got there the faeces dumping vagabond would be gone anyhow. Anyhoo, sorry to traumatize yall but mehn in Los Angeles, in broad daylight, very close to Hollywood blvd and other major tourist attractions. I was very disappointed.

I think my unproductiveness is turning me into an internet addict or maybe its the other way round. Lately I have found myself surfing places like facebook, myspace, blogs, etc more frequently. At this rate Ill be joining Toni Braxton in her shoe sale.. lol.. Makes me think about people with a 9-5 that surf the web at work constantly. I wonder how much a company loses from such employees especially if they do not know how to multitask. Lets say I was working for a company like Bank of America, if they found out I spend half my time surfing the net reading blogs like mine, would they be justified in terminating my employment? This is assuming I don’t get as much work done as I should?.. oh well.

I wish I could just take a quick picture of my ooooooo sooooo cute press kit. Its pink and blue with frilly ribbons, all nice, makeupy and girly. Hehe!. So Ive decided that Im eventually going to have like a picture documentary on my blog. Pictures of events, shows, parties etc seen from my eyes… not sure when but once I get over my picture taking laziness Ill do just that.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


So today I was on myfineboys blog reading his comments when my eye caught a comment supposedly from me, It said "f*** off mr fineboy, who cares." in regards to the VTech killings... When I saw it, it sent chills down my spine knowing that someone out there thot it was funny to use my name to be soo cruel at a time like this.. I clicked on the name and it went to my profile, omo I did a double take, well I am obviously a blogger so when I do comment my picture will be next to the comment and . So, Im like hmmmnnn.. anyhoo, whoever did it also did it to mrfineboy leaving a comment as him..

It amazes me how someone can be soo stupid, sooo heartless, so childish at a time like this. Its not funny, its not amusing, its not a friggin joke. I'm sure this nimcompoop is probably sitting there laughing thinking he/she cracked a funny. The coward is sitting there hiding behind a computer screen being a jerk in light of this tragedy. Gosh! I just cant understand how wicked, heartless people think. I am not even mad at you but will say a special prayer for you, that our lord God gives you the sense to grow up and know right from wrong.. Anyhoo to cut a long rant short, if I ever leave a comment on your blog make sure its me because there is some childish person out there in blogsville that needs a J.O.B

I am soo sure this jobless person will read this so please do us all a favor and get a life. You are soooo not funny. PS..I have my own theory as to......

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Vtech...... life sha

RIP.. students at VTech and everyone who has died this year and years before. May your soul Rest in peace..

hmmnnn, I just thought about something. I wonder if people will tell Cho and other killers to RIP...? Im sure their family would but seriously though, will they? How can someone like that rest in peace knowing what he/she has caused.. oh well. Life! The lords prayer is mighty hard to recite and mean right about now, cos how do you begin to forgive...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

its just painful...

As the tears flow freely in my household I try to make sense of things. Why did it have to happen to us, this type of thing shouldnt have happened. Why is life so unfair, What is the point of it all and what is our purpose in this life, are we just here to live and then die, why does God take away the good ones, and when will the pain go away. It dawned on me that this is it, there will be no second chance. How do you begin to move on from somthing so devastaing. I tried to create an outlet for my pain but it burns so deep within my soul it is literally taking my breath away. I tried so hard not to think about it, but that is impossible. I saw you on my sunday, "happy birthday aunty" you gave me a tight hug. How was I to know that would be the last happy birthday you would say to me. I just cant help but ask again, why? This is the type of stuff you see on TV, tragedies like this do not happen to good people. Then I face reality, yes it does, it happened to us. When will the pain go away, the pain can never go away.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

and so on and so forth

Well my B-day has come and gone, It was a nice day, turned out just the way I wanted it. Gosh!.. like it just made me realize how much love I had.. If I were in high school, Id def be head cheerleader or prom queen with the kind of attention I got on

anyhoo its 130am, im dead tired.. just wanted to share some new info.. the new TP website is up and running.. and can be found here and I decided it would be nice to have a discount code for blog readers.. anyhoo the code is TPBLOG and it gives a whooping 15% ...

and oh if you have a website and you want to make some extra cash on the side, I also have an affiliate program that pays 10% of sales sent by you so if you are interested you can sign up here its not a bad idea for bloggers, you can choose how you want to get paid, via paypal, bank transfer etc etc....and yes its free to sign up

Gosh! im soo tired Im shaking.. o..k... later

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to me...

I was on msn the other day and came across this.. its soo on point its


Have you ever wished that you could just disappear or perhaps sink into the ground after making a social gaffe that you had no idea was a social gaffe?

It's very likely that the behavior in question seemed perfectly normal to you, because it was typical of your sign. Since impulsive Mars rules Aries, most of your societal faux pas are the result of leaping before you look. Aries tends to be rash and impulsive and isn't above rushing in where angels fear to tread. Also, as natives of the "I AM" sign of the Zodiac, Rams tend to be so attached to their own opinions that they assume that everyone else feels the same way they do. Not so!

The biggest hurdle for an Aries to overcome is to learn to stop and think before jumping in with both feet. Your biggest asset is your unqualified belief in yourself; some other signs lack that. Perhaps the most difficult tendency to curb is your way of assuming that everyone else wants the same things you do. Some do, but many don't.

Before you take any steps that would involve others, make sure you consult them and get their opinion of what you're doing. Use your knowledge of each individual to judge how best to relate to them. Here are a few tips to help avoid a few potential embarrassing moments:


DO: Feel free to express your own opinions – tactfully, of course, without putting down any ideas expressed by others. Your individualism is one of the most attractive things about you.

DON'T: Brag about your accomplishments, monopolize the conversation, or get blustery. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare!


DO: Make the effort to be considerate, attentive, and charming.

DON'T: Let your Aries ego dominate the conversation. That is, unless you don't really want to see your date again.


DO: Dare to follow the latest trends.

DON'T: Adopt the more outlandish fads. You have a good sense of humor, but you don't want to look like a clown.


DO: Pitch right in and get going. If you're working with a trainer, be sure and listen to what he or she says.

DON'T: Immediately start forcing yourself to do 100 sit-ups. Work your way up slowly, or your stomach muscles will never let you forget it.


DO: Show your initiative and allow your leadership ability to shine through.

DON'T: Get too pushy with your boss – or, even worse, argue with him. Unless you yourself are the boss!


DO: Be resolute in your convictions and explain yourself firmly. Try to create a win-win situation.

DON'T: Allow yourself to be drawn into a shouting match. You'd win, of course – but do you really want everyone on the street to know what a champion yeller you are?


DO: Have no hesitation about buying what you need.

DON'T: Give in to an irresistible impulse to buy everything that catches your eye. Otherwise, you may leave the store with a Chinese cuckoo clock, a collection of Mexican skull statuettes, a cologne that smells great in the bottle but awful on you – and an empty bank account.


DO: Try to be patient and not rush through them. Many Aries natives who hurry through their chores often find they've created a bigger mess than they were trying to clean up.

DON'T: Yell with frustration every time a task proves to be particularly aggravating. Your family will jump to the conclusion that you've either broken a leg or gone insane.


DO: Try new and exotic recipes from all over the world. Your family will enjoy the variety and sing your praises.

DON'T: Go too heavy on the chili peppers and jalapenos. You may like hot 'n' spicy food, but any more than a tiny bit of red hot peppers will send most people running for the nearest rain barrel.

DO: Make sure that your car is in tiptop condition before you take off on a road trip. It's no fun being stranded on a lonely road waiting for a tow truck.

DON'T: Become so preoccupied that you inch up to 90 miles an hour.


DO: Be your naturally outgoing, fun-loving self. Let your naturally ardent nature have its head. Be spontaneous and unaffected. Allow your vision and aspirations to creep into the conversation now and then. That's one of the most attractive traits you have.

DON'T: Automatically assume that your mate wants all the same things as you do and charge ahead without consulting him or her. Everyone's different, and in all the world, there's only one you! Remember that!