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Friday, October 26, 2007

Turn Up your Volume.. Hot new Single

Sooner than expected.. this right here is the dance track for 2008.. Believe that! The song is called Gongo Aso by 9ice.. you can listen to it on the naija ent playlist here or on his myspace here
Gongo Ti so and its certified as hot.. lol

DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!! ooooooooooooo

This really sucks, for 2 days now I cant get this friggin song out of my head.. Well, since I am such a sweet person, lol. I figured Id infect yall with it too. The damn song had me drop a single tear two nights ago hehehe. It was weird how it coincidentally kinda hit close to home, hours after I heard it, too bad I'm a big forgiver but not a big forgetter huh? Very sweet song, and lord if 2faces voice gets any more addictive Id have to transfer his vocal cords to mine and make all that cheese.. lol anyhoo I have done my civic duty and added the video, the video is crap but the song is HOT so enjoy..

Speaking of Hot songs, I actually have the first single off 9ices new album, which is set to release sometime next year.. I swear that song is HOT to death.. and Im not speaking because of affiliation, if its not hot I wont say it is.. hehe but men Ok anyhoo before I go on and on, Ill yousend it by tomorrow (with permission of course) and put it here so yall can download it and judge for yourselves... ahh one more EXCITING news, ok this news is actually making me all giddy inside as in I wanna giggle and jump for joy. My TP bling tees are going to be here in like a week or so, If you don't know, I am the biggest bling fanatic EVER! so having tees with TP on it that blings just makes me wanna do cartwheels. lol. Its costing me an arm, a leg a nose and part of my thigh, but men I dont even care, Its looking well worth it. s think of those BEBE bling tees but it says Toni Payne. total hotness as in awo'pa! (wear till it fades)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fashion Showcase Video + Picture Time...

I decided to start documenting things TP on video, pictures etc, kinda like a mini reality tv .. Anyhoo this video was from this weekend, Sorry for the VQ, I thought I charged my camcorder battery only to find out the thing was about to die so I did not risk it, anyhooo thank goodness for cameras that can record video.. enjoy! Update: Pictures Added.. Thanks to the Photographer TJ (teez4me)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hollywood Shopping Event

Toni Payne will be at the Hollywood Shop til you drop event this Saturday from 11-3. So if you would like to come down, you can email us to RSVP so we can add you to our guest list. There will be a Toni Payne fashion show at 1.50pm and its going to be hot hot hot... Confirmed celebrity guests include Cuttino Mobley, Eva Lerue of CSI Miami, Stacey Stas of Entourage, Cerena Vincent of Malcome in the Middle, and lots more.. and of course Toni Payne Tees will have special event discount on that day. Confirmed magazines include the infamous 944 mag, Los Angeles Times and loads more.. Its going to be a fun event, very laid back environment. When you see pink and blue balloons, you have pretty much found TP.. lol..

Anyhoo on to naija news, In an effort to further promote the GWG ( green white green) Toni Payne will be collaborating with the artist 9ice on some lyrical tees which will be sold here and in NIG, As you may already know 9ice is one artist whose lyrics are almost always very deep and or interesting. So wearable art and positees will have a temporary sibling called lyrical tees. As much as I would loooooooove to share some of the lyrics here, I wont, lol. but all will be from his up coming new album which I have admit is looking tres hot! Anyhoo to give you a clue, think Yoruba proverb + music for your soul tee. A lot of the designs will of course come in green and or white but not limited to that color..

BTW: the yoruba proverb tee is now available in super HOT green and white.. hmmnn let me digress for a sec, I was having a little discussion with my mum last night and she was saying to me, naija guys in naija prefer to wear small or medium tshirts, and im like naa im thinking medium to large. So we now moved on to colors, like she said stay away from white because they dont wear white, Im so curious to know if this is fact, as in, do majority wear blacks, browns, blues but stay away from white?.. I think white tshirts are cool, especially on females but I also love it on men, gives this clean look. Anyhoo just curious!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Future

First and foremost, I just want to say I am looooooving this picture here, the shirt looks hawt on him, I totally looooooove how he wore it, this definitely has to make my "who wore it best" list. Im saying, Toni Payne is not just a brand, Its a lifestyle, now why I dont have that shirt in brown boggles the mind. hmmn, I have another example on facebook, B rocked the Akanke in red and hahaha the attitude was on point.. gotta ask if I can steal it for my blog.

Anyhoo, Its about that time again and nominations have started for the Future Awards 2008. I was nominated last year but was the runner up, proud of my certificate all the same, it is hanging in my office like I won o. hehehe! Anyhoo you can click here to nominate ME!!!!, your favorites, lol.. eheem.. * coughs * Well If I get nominated again this year *coughs * errmm *coughs* gosh my maybe this time Ill win.

BTW: I just want to say thanks to everyone who has voted for the fox 11 bit so far, I went on that page and was touched, naija folks are reaaaaaaaaaaaaly making my head swell. I also wanted to say a big thanks to Ladybrille for the support she has been showing me, woman you know you rock:) and Linda thanks for putting the word out for a sister, yall are like my sisters from another mother.. hehe and everyone that voted, omo second place no easy o when you are up against bigger businesses, so thank you guys for the support.
Anyhoo, its so funny that most of the time I never really stop to look at what Im doing or think about it because I just get so overwhelmed with day to day activities but when you live like I do, everything you do becomes a part of you, normal routine. Like 99% of the time, I see myself as someone trying to live doing what I love and then I get that email from someone saying something so darn sweet, the keep it up messages, or I see the response from people showing their support and Im like wow, its much more than that. I promise not to disappoint, but I can say one thing is for sure, I am never scared to fail because It has never been my portion. anyhoo, yall are too flipping much and I appreciate it.
BTW : If you live in Australia, we have a new store that will be carrying the Tshirt line. Info will be posted on our website when we update.
One last thing, I was thinking I would try my hands at videoblogging? hmmnn not sure if its a good or bad idea but oh well, we shall see. anyhoo, gotta go get ready, going to a spa, lord knows with the way the past week went, ( the biggest drama I have ever faced in my I need it.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Vote Toni Payne Fox 11 Hotlist + Ladybrille Interview etc

Just wanted to pimp myself small.. lol.. Toni Payne was nominated for Fox 11 Hot list, yeah this is a big deal because fox is one of if not the biggest network in the US.. now I am not 100% what the winner gets but being nominated is wonderful on its own. So pls show some support by voting here

Also feel free to pass it on.

Now, I am not sure if I already posted an interview I did with superwoman, Ladybrille, if not here it is..

Also she was soo wonderful to have come all the way down to socal to cover the store event and her report and pictures can be found here.. I will be posting pictures from the event on my blog as soon as I find the time to breath, relax and post properly.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Get well soon Innocent Idibia

I have gone through a billion and one emotions this morning, by the time I was through I just sat there, crying my eyes out. Like, that country is fucking messed up, excuse my french but yeah, Im not even angry anymore, but Im still saying it now, anyone who thinks naija is not messed up is kidding themself, as in you are in bloody denial and need to check it..A few posts ago, I asked where is the security, now its sad that I have to post about another one of our artists getting attacked by armed robbers, thats 2 in a span of 2 weeks. Anyhoo, he is a strong man and we thank God he is ok cos I know matter of factly God has bigger plans for him so God pass them. Keep 2face in your prayers that he is up and running ASAP.. and I hope whomever shot him burns deep in the pits of hell!! forget praying for them, they will be roasting with the devil because that is what they deserve.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Picture Time: Naija Independence

Before I even start, I just wrapped up an interview with Ladybrille..and you can read it here.. Twas lots of fun. so, here are a few pictures from the naija independence day event this past friday. I had a blast and the girls who rocked TP were flipping awesome, down to earth chikalas. They recognized that TP is a lifestyle and they got with it... rocking the stage with their komole.. lol. anyhoo more pics on FB, its just easier to upload there.. errmm wienna, the last pic is for Monday and HAPPY 47TH BUFFDAY yall..