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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

once again its on

I have been sooo MIA my blog grew webs. lol. Boy oh boy have I taken my life in LA for granted. All I have to say right now is wowser. How people survive in NIg baffles me, aside from being around loads of activity and never being bored I really do not see the point. I guess everywhere has its ups and downs but dang, the govt really need to step it up a couple of tousand notches..

So, I made the final 3 of the future awards, hooraay for me, I did not win but I heard I had the second highest votes. Congrats to the duo that won. I dint make it to the awards cos body refused to cooperate with me on that day.

Sidenote: Im supposed to be on vacation but Im soo restless, not working as much is starting to frustrate me. I sat in the store today for a few hrs and could feel myself needing the activity like a crack addict needs crack. I guess Im not cut out for the slow paced life so I shouldnt force it.

Ahan. the issue of internet, ooooooooooo dnt get me started. besides them wanting me to pay an arm and a leg for crap speed, they also asked for my life history just to get connected. Gosh if I start rambling on and on about how many things I see wrong out here yall will think Im a whiny brat. Customer service is NIIIIIIIIIIIL. majority are sooo friggin SLUUUGGISH, like half the time I feel like saying "you are fired".lol. A fine example are the so called employees at starcoms. So I went there to buy their crap broadband thingy for 31 thousand o. Imagine, I did the conversion in my head and almost fainted. Over 200 dollars for equipment and over 100 dollars a month for access.

The sad part is you have no option, unless of course you go to these cyber places ( mind you all these yahoo boys may get them raided the day you decide to visit).. sighs!.. so on with my rambling, yah so the first time I went to starcomms, all the told me was I needed to buy bla bla bla. I said cool, went back, then the story goes you need to bring, passport copy, passport photo, bill, bla bla. so Im like huh? What the hell? at first I was annoyed because they could have told me that from the jump instead of making me come back, so I said ok, what If i live in a hotel and dont have a bill, what do I do? She's like "ehen you shud ask ya landlord" hehehe.

Needless to say, I gave up and decided its best for me to take the time out and shop around. I can access internet at blue sea if im not tooo lazy, guess i wanted something I could carry around so dont have to use the net when Im dead tired (mind you, from doing nothing, hehehe)If im gonna be paying so much I might as well get one that wont crash during peak hours.

Gosh!. I really could go on and on and on about NIG but I won't. as im typin Im hoping I wont get a page cannot be displayed page. lol. ooooooo and lets not talk about fuel scarcity. HA!.. Its a wonder our gen is on at all times when there is no power with this whole there is no fuel hooplah. An oil producing country that has no fuel. gosh!

I dont know why with each trip, I feel like a tourist, like everything is brand new. LAG is such a place that, even if you have lived here for 20 yrs, things will still seem new to you. This trip is a defining trip for me so lets see how it goes. on the positive side, I love being around soooo many people and you cant beat how raw the place is, basic amenities like water and power sha should never be an issue. Dang I feel like pimp slapping the pres (can i get arrested for saying that? lol).

and no I dint have the time to proofread so pls enjoy all the typos if any, you never know agungun may just zap my internet away. lol.

If im feeling up to it, ill blog tomorrow and get some more stuff off my chest. lol.. errr anyone who wants to reach me, yetty and co, call my LA number, my NIG number is on the VM.

PS:.. regardless of all the drama around me, I seem to be very happy internally. hehehe maybe that gist will come later, maybe not.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Ruggedmans New Website

Let me be the first to plug it..

This site is just SICCCCCCCCCK. I absolutely love it, not because of the toni payne shirt you see upon entering, but because it is nicely done and very creative..
Kudos Darl.. anyhoo yall should check it out. :)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Hard work should pay off

I wouldnt consider myself a penny pincher but you know how it is when you work very hard for your money, its always harder to part with it. I think it runs in my blood, give to others but not to yourself. lol

Well I decided to change that, like what is the point if I cant enjoy the benefits right? I decided that every end of the year I will reward myself with something new for all my hard work through the year. To kick off 2007 I decided maybe I should reward myself with a new car. I have always been a big fan of german cars, personally I think they are simply the best. So new years eve I went into the dealership to browse, I knew I wanted something but wasnt sure what. Did the basics and couple hrs later I came out with a brand new car, same color and type as the image( I absolutly adore that color). I don't know why I couldnt resist, it was almost like the car kept saying "buy me, you will love me" lol. Very worth it. I think rewarding myself each year is going to motivate me to work harder the next year. I'm not sure what this years reward will be but in a couple of years I plan to drive out with a Maybach.*cheesing hard*