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Monday, March 31, 2008


Oh well i guess it wasnt meant to be, I wrote this looooong update with plenty of gist but soon as I clicked publish, the whole thing was gone, internet explorer could not open bla bla bla.. I have not really had much time to blog, well i kinda have not been in the mood, been doing the whole quality time thingy.. Well, its not news that the album is out and yes like i said b4 its off the hook.. Lots of great reviews but then again I was expecting that. If you do not have a copy now, pick one up.. As per the other stuff, sighs! well at least we made some concrete decisions regarding format, its april and venue is still up in the air and to make matters worse we are talking about moving it closer.. yeah yeah yeah we cant wait to make it official.. lol.. I secretly still want my december date cos it would suck for me if some of my close friends can't make it.. anyhoo whatever.

I will now try to find some sleep, maybe if i have the energy Ill rewrite my previous post.

PS: To all those wishing DH well, thanks a mil. The best is yet to come, the man is as wonderful as his music so its well deserved *blushing* lol

Monday, March 03, 2008


The new 9ice album is coming out sometime next week. It is titled GONGO ASO. For those who do not know what Gongo Aso means, it pretty much means something is going to happen, something that has never happened before.. Positive vibes, you dig.. The new album features two very talented naija musicians from two different genres, 2face Idibia and Pasuma Wonder, of course on different tracks but hot all the same. I can assure you, you will be hooked on them all. As in I know people love Gongo Aso the song and all but they will love love love the album!.. anyhoo, its going to be a good buy. My little cousin already knows 4 songs word for word..and he put them on playback. Once I pick him up from school, the boy clicks 1 and nothing else gets played in my car. haha well I dont mind. Anyhoo do wait to get the original (not pirated) copy, the day it is released I will def blog about it. The album launch is also this month, that should be fun.

Anyhoo, sooo whats in a wed photog as in.. How much is too much to pay for a photog. There was this guy I asked for a quote from a little while ago cos I have seen his work and liked it but he quoted me some ridiculous price like 3k dollars for 4 hrs or something along those lines.. Needless to say I calculated how many eye shadows I would have to sell and RAN.. hahaha.. anyhoo, I did meet someone in naija, plus we do have our family photog but I know for sure he would need assistant. So how many photogs is too many? And oo the dress, I may actually have a designer narrowed down, well the thing is, I have a few designers I am talking to and 1 just happens to be naija and good..soo haha the bias. well she promised to send me ideas, maybe just maybe ill blog about the dress journey from start to finish... maybe, if DH doesn't tie me down too much with work. I know from the first hello, its work work work, "TAKE CARE OF YOUR HOME" hahaha shit cracks me up every time. what a comedian.. ha! well I guess its cool having a man who wants you to be the center of everything he does. anyhoo sleep awaits me..