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Sunday, February 08, 2009


So I finally figured out what the whole Jenifa craze was all about. I had a little bit of time on my hands so I decided to chill out and watch it with lil man.. Yes I said lil man, Z already likes to stare at the screen.. haha.. Anyhoo I haven't laughed that hard in ages, "oushh" hahaha. She is a straight comedian o.. no be lie.. In fact when I have two hrs to kill im gonna go watch it again cos mo fe don jassi e ni parry ye. Yeah that was a very well written movie and although it was funny the lesson behind it should be taken seriously. Its sad that that lifestyle is very real in fact I know some women don't care if a man is dating, engaged, married or whatever n would still let him smash for some change. Yup change o cos money is just that, it will finish one day but your self worth you can't by back. I remember an incident that happened months back, had a conversation with this chick n when I was done talking to the chick, I just felt sooo sorry for her, like gosh this is all she thinks she is worth, but then I realized someway somehow she has managed to convince herself that her actions are cool n d men she does it wth actually respect her and r not just looking to release......anyhoo who am I to judge, as they say, to each his own, comsi comsa, whatever helps us sleep well at

So another vals day is approaching, gosh! seems like we just had one just yesterday. I have not figured out what to do for hubby yet, well technically everyday is vals day for us cos I loooooove giving gifts and I loooooove surprises. haha! I count myself lucky and thank God for blessing me with my fam, they just rock my world so much. I feel like calling him now and busting out with some p-square, "no one like you" lmao!.. yeah yeah, im corny, sue me! God gave me someone that makes it very easy to love him dearly, then the combination of him and lil Z, ko easy, cloud 9 does not describe it. So vals day I guess for me is just another day, another excuse to go shopping. lol. I have to admit, I enjoy being married, its soo much more fun that when we were engaged. Its like a different perspective on life, Can you imagine, its been almost a year, wow! next thing you know, it will be 2, then 10, then 20, then 60, then we will probably have no teeth and will have to make out smashing gums.. hahaha.. ewwww gross.. anyhoo blessed week and happy vals day..

Ohhhh b4 I forget, our naija online ordering portal is almost all done, we need to update a few things but shopping can commence from now if you want. We ship all across Nigeria.. here is the link