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Friday, June 29, 2007


Phewww!. Yes the Positees line by TP is finally here, well not all of it, some of it and available for purchase online.. Anybody on the waiting list that has been confirmed as paid, should get theirs in a few days. I would say tomorrow but we did not anticipate the waiting list to be so long but all the same working on it. It wont be shipped for NEW online purchasers till after July 11th so preorder today because they come in batches and once one batch is gone you may end up waiting again. This time TP decided to do a little something for the cutie pies so there is something for little girls and babies. Times like this I wish I had a little T, so we could be matching. lol.. I already have a personal fav the I am HAUTE tank in Black, only cos I can wear it on some jeans, (maybe my soon to arrive Deola Sagoe Jeans), and pumps with the right accessories and viola, party here I come. Some of the designs are below. .. There is one called preach peace, Its also one of my favs cos its a funky, trendy way to send your message across, the rest of the line will have messages along that line, like, Poverty! Why?..... Still using the original designs cos we plan on setting up a killer photoshoot. Lets see if they become one of the hottest item for the fall. A little something for the fellas is also coming soon.. one day at a time.

Monday, June 25, 2007

plantashun boiz

So I got my hands on the new Plantashun Boiz single <---click to listen.. I really want you guys to listen to it and tell me what you think. When asked for my opinion the first thing I said was, "it sounds like plantashun boiz" lol.. well duh, it is them. lol, but what I meant was it would have fit right into one of their old albums. Anyhoo, I do not know what I was expecting, but I like the song all the same, and its good to have them back even if its temporary. Men I wonder how much they will be charging to do shows. All three in one spot when faze and 2 were commanding at least an average of half a mil per show.. At least..

Anyways snce I am in a sharing mood, I have another song for yall to download. This song is sooo wicked, makes me wanna yahooze all night long. The other day I was in my car at a stop sign listening to the song and this old oyinbo dude walks up towards my car, at first I was about to roll up my window like why is this dude coming at me, then I saw him dancing.. hahahaha, that ish was too funny, so I let him dance for a little bit before waving and driving off. I have one of the hottest DJ's, if not the hottest in the carribean club scene feeling the song, now thats very exciting.. The song is called Ganja Man - by 9ice <---click to download, who by the way I will be representing soon as we work out the details.

YUP! I have that much faith in the guy, because a few artists have approached me for their PR and management that Ive turned down, not because they are not good but because I can only hype stuff I can vouch for, stuff I feel 100%, if it excites me, chances are it will show through when I talk about it, makes my job easier.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

as promised..

So I finally did it, I finally worked myself so hard I couldnt go on anymore. At one point I though I was literally going nuts but anyways, I was in so much pain yesterday I was scared I had an ulcer but we thank God.. nothing like that. Ive decided to take it easy for the next couple of days, maybe watch a few movies, read a book and get some needed sleep. No point working when you cant reap the fruits of your labor right? Anyways as promised here is the article by TP in the new issue of lne. I think you can click the image to enlarge and read it.

oo to those who emailed me about the eye shadow, the sale is over sorry! but there is a one cent sale going on now. FYI. its one shadow per order. Enjoy! and I do hope you enjoy the shadows, if you need tips let me know. With that said exhaustion lo ma run down.. lol... ciao!

Monday, June 18, 2007

talking freebies -` and naija music

For a few days TP cosmetics will be offering the Element5 Brand of Eye shadows free of charge. It is one item per order, per customer. This is a great opportunity to try the product. anyhoo you can go get some here

ooooooo and ok so Im such a lucky girl, you know how I really wanted Deola Sagoe's Jeans, well Matthew Mensah, who is like the best guy in the world, who is also her publicist said he would get them to me soon. Yaaaaaaayy, a big thanks to Matthew.. u rock! Can someone say Rockability!, I am totally rocking the life out of em.. hehehehe, so wienna, hopefully my next budunk shot will be in my DS jeans.

On to other things, since I did the radio interview with NigerianWebRadio I have gotten several emails asking me why I named the artists I named as my favourite artists without elaborating.. o..k. well I dint elaborate because ...... and no there is no bias like someone emailed. I simply like them and in no particular order, Ill briefly state why.

2face Idibia: unique voice, very creative, killer acapella, good stage voice, collabos usually turn to hits, addictive voice, has sex appeal,.. and my fave songs are African Queen, Ole, Love is a crime, true love, ocho, Odiya, in fact all his songs are nice

9ice: Unique Voice, Unique Style, Great command of the yoruba language, love the proverbial lyrics, very powerful on stage, usually leaves me wanting more, collabos usually turn to hits, sex appeal and my fave songs are Talent dey waste, Make them talk, Little Money, and his collabo with Ruggedman, Ruggedy Baba..
Ruggedman: knows how to play with words, his lyrics unlike a lot of rap doesn't give me a headache, great stage presence, and my fav songs are ruggedy baba, ehen, rock da spot, boing boing, so idi ye.. (the one he did with durella, who by the way is another artist to keep an eye on) and in fact 98% of the songs on his new album. btw: I love this picture of him. tres sexy!

Lord of Ajasa: raw talent, influential makes me want to be razz lol, great command of his mother tongue, different spin on rap music and my fave tracks are I dey 4party, Bi Ere, Otiya (my fave on his album titled Its toooo much) .

Faze: only artist I know so far with his vocal ability, great range, great stage presence, kinda sexy and my fav tracks are kpokpodipo, Tatoo Girl, Kolomental, Faze Alone, Angel Gabriella and many more

One thing I noted was, a lot of the songs I like were produced by the same producer, ID CABASA, hmnnn so maybe its CABASA I like. lol.

I listen to a lot of Naija music and I usually tag the artists that I can listen to and enjoy their whole album without skipping more than 3 tracks good artists. I know some are expecting me to mention Dbanj, Psquare etc but Im not. For me I think psquare probably has the best put together stage presence in the industry but I dont know why everytime I hear their songs I always get this feeling like Ive heard it before and Dbanj has his sex appeal more than his vocal abilities doing the work for him cos lord knows he makes me want to find out what the koko is.. hehehe.

Other artist that would have made it if I were doing a top 10 would be Morachi he sang Hapuya like dat, Original Steroeman, he sang Ekwe, loooove that song, Danfo Drivers(mad melon and mountains black), Blackface( Im probably the biggest blackface fan I know), Konga(kinda), anyhoo these are the artists I see real talent in that I feel can break mainstream quick if they maintain their unique style and dont jump too much into what everyone has heard before, kinda like what Jamaicans did with Reggae/ ragga/ dancehall music. I remember before sean paul broke out and we used to go watch him perform at cheesy halls/clubs promoted by these Jamaican dudes out here in LA. Him, elephant man, Mr Vegas( had a major crush on him), capleton etc. Boy did I used to be a reggae head back then.. anyways, there are plenty others but for me, these are my personal top 5 faves. and oh, please all those people who keep comparing mode9 to ruggedman, STOP it. sighs! 2 different artists with 2 totally different styles..

with that said, I loveeeee the first 24 seconds of this video. Check out 2face' s facial expression. Reminds me of the most adorable little boy I met in January. Full of mischief.. lol

Saturday, June 16, 2007

So Im excited because...

Guess who has a jeans line? Deola Sagoe of Odua Creations. Finally a Naija owned Jeans line that I can actually see myself rocking. I love the detail on the pocket (I have an obsession with jeans that have detailed pockets). Its totally my style, and they are low rise. Like I can see them totally replacing my True Religions. Now all this excitement and I probably wont get one till I land NIG *sobs* Gosh!. I am so proud of and look up to her. Yeah, DS rocks!

Anyways here are some of her other designs that I love, love, love... and when I say love, I mean I would rock to a party, event or whatever. Not love like just to look at it but as in who do I have to bribe to get them all ASAP and rock em till people start wondering if I have anything else in my closet.. lol .. Ah that blue one in the second picture. I would sooo rock it till the threads fall off, Uniform.. lol

Anyways. her website is HERE so feel free to check her out.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Listen 10 mins

Im doing a radio interview in about 10 mins.. at around 8.15pst so feel free to tune in.

update: for those that missed it, you can still listen later on today. Thats going to be 10pm if you are in California or west cost, 12 AM for texas or same time zone.. 1am if you are in the east coast and 6AM if you are in naija or west africa. and 6am if you are in london or parts of europe.

I gave a shout out to bloggers..

sidenote: now can leave me voice comments but clicking to the right..... and oo.. so this voice comment thing tells me that, if I want voice comments I should give my friends this "Send me a VoiceComment. It's FREE! Just call 1(641)985-7878 and enter *4464762. " sounds interesting

Monday, June 11, 2007

Free Paris..$80 bucks to fill up etc

I have never really been one to complain about gas for my car but if it cost $80 to fill up a sedan, we have a problem. I heard gas will soon hit 4 bucks a gallon. What ever happened to that May 15 do not buy gas thing, doesnt look like it worked. Well, the gist of it was, I got several texts and emails saying no one should buy gas on a particular day and hopefully, the gas companies will lose so much profit they will be forced to drive prices down. Well I did not see how it made any sense but still did it anyways, anything to save a buck right? Anyways at this rate Ill be spending $330 bucks a month on gas. On the contrary maybe I should not complain, at least we have gas, unlike some oil producing country that still has fuel scarcity, as Kelly Bundy would say "it boggles the mind"

Everyone has been giving me slack for saying Free Paris Hilton. Well, yeah, dont get me wrong, I do not condone what she did but the point I was trying to make was, why release her and re arrest her. Like friggin make up your minds. Almost seems like they are making a mockery of the system. I mean how many inmates get released everyday that the judge has no clue about. Its become obvious the judge took note because of her status and it almost doesnt seeem fair. Like a power struggle between the judge and the sheriff. Anyways whatever, there are more pressing issues on earth. It was soo hilarious watching those lame paparazzis falling over each other just to get a picture of one person, when there are starving children in Africa, South America and even in Hollywood.

I still think there should be a law against paparazzing. After what happened to Princess Diana, they should be banned. Maybe no paparazzi = no attention = celebs behaving.

Anyhoo, back to my awfully busy Monday, if the rest of my week goes like this, I'll be needing a week off at a spa. Oh gosh!, I actually think I am hopelessly in love.. well that is gist for another day.

Friday, June 08, 2007

catwalk the world...nollywood etc

You know what I was thinking the other day. There arent too many selfless people out there in this world. That's why I admire Matthew Mensah and love Angelina Jolie so much. I am nice but even I am not as selfless as they are. I have a weak spot for children so anything concerning them charity wise, Im a pure sucker. anyhoo, if you have not heard of Matthew or his cause visit their write her about him/catwalk the world. At least it will help shed light on their cause.

Speaking of events, I will be participating at the Nollywood Convention next weekend. Its being put together by a bunch of wonderful people including a friend of moi's Uduak aka Ladybrille. She is a very smart lawyer/model/writer/everything. *shameless plug* ( she will probably kill me for this, lol) The event will be held in Los Angeles from June 15 - 17, 2007. I wanted to go last year but ended up being occupied that weekend so this year I am not missing it. def looking forward to it.
anyhoo gotta go..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Gosh!.. this sucks soo bad.. Im soooooooooooooo bored its horrible. I can't concentrate or sit still for a second.. It really sucks being bored and restless at the same time. Specially if you do not have it in you to do anything but stay bored. Im sure there are like a million things to do but I don't feel like doing any of them. My friend called me to come to the club, but on a tuesday night.. errr well maybe.

I need an adventure, if something interesting doesnt happen soon, I am going to start pulling my hair out one strand at a time. Sighs! or maybe its time to start considering family eeeeeeekkkk!!!!


I got this from Unisef today and decided to pass it along. Anyhoooos if you read this take the time to go and make a donation and feel free to pass along to your buddies. k. at least $25 bucks is not too much.

UNICEF is protecting children in Darfur from the devastating effects of the ongoing crisis—and we need your help. Today more than 1.6 million children in the Darfur region of Sudan are affected, and this number continues to grow. UNICEF requires additional resources to protect more and more children from the horrors of war.Since the crisis began, UNICEF reduced the risk of violence toward women and children by training aid workers. UNICEF enrolled 380,000 kids in school, which helps provide a sense of normalcy in an otherwise far from normal existence.But today our progress is threatened by a severe lack of funding. Last year, UNICEF received just 4% of the funds needed to hold the line for kids. UNICEF knows how to do a lot with a little, so your donation of $25, $30, $50, or $75 will help kids suffering in Darfur and allow UNICEF to continue its lifesaving work.
Thank you for your commitment to the world's most vulnerable children.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Who wore it best

Of course Ruggedman has always been the number 1 Toni Payne representer but 9ice is looking real nice here too.. I was gonna add Faze to the mix but his was blue so I decided to save it for a match up with 2face. Ahh I had this perfect who wore it best picture but I cant find where I kept it. It was at a fashion show and one of the models showed up wearing the same TP tank as me. Same color et all.
Anyhoo in case you did not know, Ruggedman has a clothing line called 20th Sept wear. His items that I have seen so far are reaaaaaaaaaaaaal nice. As in I would totally have a closet full of 20th sept wear no lie.. and no its not hype, I dont hype rubbish, only good stuff. Once the line is on the market I will holla at yall to let u know. Oh maybe I can model for his first fashion show, that would be lovely. *winks*
And oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I forgot to mention Toni Payne got published, No not the usual press clippings, an article by Toni Payne in a MAJOR spa magazine. This is one of the best spa mags in the USA at the moment, they also have a european version. Its a print magazine so I will have to scan the page and show yall later but if you cant wait you can subscribe or view the mag line up here
Oh Toni Payne was also featured in the current issue of HAUTE Magazine's Haute List. I have a print screen version thats not too big so when I get a copy Ill also put that up. Haute Magazine is a fashion magazine. Really Haute, I love the graphics, content, layout, etc. You def gotta subscribe. We are also coming up in an issue of Prestige Magazine. This mag is actually also very impressive, cover a lot of ground, NIG lady is the editor, totally feeling it. We are also going to be in the July issue of Jton Magazine, another hot mag that just launched... anyhoo the list goes on, maybe Ill start blogging about press features seperately. We are working on some major national tv stuff so keep your fingers crossed. Don't worry, when I get on oprah Im bout to represent and shout IT'S NAIIIIIIIIIIIJA!
Oh one last thing, Toni Payne will be joining Planet 1 events to put together the homecoming event of the year, in fact the century. Everyone who goes to NIG in Dec, this is the place to be, no lie, from what I have seen so far, VIP access, freebies,Celebs galore, you want to be there cos if you aint there, you are definitely square....we plan to go all out for this event, top quality. Its going to be in Dec 07 at Planet1. Planet 1 is a very lovely posh hotel/bar/club/everything, West African Idols was held there, and that is also Missy Elliots fav hotel in NIG. Jayz and B have nothing but good things to about their visit to Planet1. All the nice people around me will get past the velvet roap with no wahala. lol. Ill keep you posted.