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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dutty Whine

The video is not that great but I love the song and the dance moves. Its actually not a bad workout and judging from the way I felt after doing it for an hour Ill be dutty whining myself to a very tone slightly athletic body soon. I can almost bet that after a month or so of doing this I can do splits in the air. lol.. Another dance Im interested in the the Yauze(sp) I saw normoreloss and some other Kat do it and fell in love(with the dance).. it came after Swo, or is it galala. oh well, its a nice dance.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

good things a'gwan.. lol..- pictures

Sidenote: I saw this picture on Naija Vixen's blog.. guess whose shirt that is?. Heard TP shirt's all over his new video.. lol. can't wait to see it. but errr wsup with the boning naaw? lol
I did more photo work today so I thought I'd share. As we all probably know looks can be decieving. So all of you trying hard to look as flawless as that super model you saw in the magazine.. Stop it! lol.. Hope you like them... :)
Beauty Shot... gave a complete make over
Dramatic Eyes... I love bright colors around the eyes Sunny Snow.... did a background change
contrast ... absolutely love this one With us?... expression on her face insipred this one. she seems distant, so I made her stand out

Monday, December 11, 2006

TV show NI featuring this day music festival

As promised. here is the video of the NI show I hosted. The show talks about public transportation in Lagos, features DJ Jimmy Jatt, and also features this day music festival with performances by jay-z, beyonce and ciara.. pretty neat! I cracked myself up a few times and gosh Im chatty.. lol

Thursday, December 07, 2006

a very expensive lesson

First of all, no one has to tell anyone this, but with personal computers you should always do a nightly backup of your data and store it offline or depending on how much work you did that day, try to backup every few hours. I learned this valuable lesson the hard way. Yeah, I pride myself in being very computer literate and knowing what and what not to do but somehow procrastination got the best of me. So I basically did not back up at least a weeks worth of work and that week happened to be a very busy one for me. Loadss of important data, etc.

So, as mentioned in my previous post my laptop gave up the ghost and with it went all my data. or so I thought. Like a mother trying to find a cure for her ailing child I carried my laptop to different technicians and each time I got the same bad news. YOUR DATA IS NOT RECOVERABLE. gen gen! wahala dey!

Kickback to service center number 2. So, Im waiting on them to tell me some good news when I realized I had a very important file on the hard drive that I forgot, (I mean procrastinated) to put offline. Right then and there my situation shot to critical. You cannot even begin to imagine my frustration when the bad news came yet again. So the tech suggested I take my hard drive to a data recovery specialist. special kini? lol.

Warning: If something ever goes wrong with your hard drive and you hear the words "DATA RECOVERY SPECIALIST" just brace yourself and know that you will part with no less than $400.

So I looked up a specialist in my area and took my laptop in. I got a quote for $650 which I ended up negotiating to $450 {yes! I priced it.. wetin?. lol} ( he said he could see the pain in my eyes and trust me it was there). Anyhoo, 2 techinicians, 1 specialist and $450 later my data has been recovered and I will be picking it up tomorrow. The hard drive itself is useless so I may just buy a new hard drive for the laptop.

On the flip side, I got a sweet new laptop. I have always used 15'' monitors so this one here will be my first 17''. I have to admit it does make a whole lot of viewing difference and its soooo much faster than my old one. Of course now I will always remember to backup my data and procrastination about anything at all is simply out of my life.. Never pays!

Sidebar: A little bit of nice belly warming news amist all the computer hooplah, I was nominated for 'Entrepreneur(Beauty and Style) of the Year' Category of "The Future..." awards 2007 . SWEET!

UPDATE: I got my data back today and I have to admit these people are pure genius. They lifted my entire hard drive, folder for folder... program for program.. wow! I was thinking it would just be a bunch of files in one folder but boy oh boy.. saves me a lot of work.

Monday, December 04, 2006

goodness gracious

Got pictures from Mikes crash...Ooooo lordy and I thought mine was bad. What gets me is how long they take to clear the scene of an accident..Mind you it happened at night and the cars are still there at broad daylight. I heard another car flipped over his car hrs after.

Friday, December 01, 2006

wowser! one drama after another..

I'm not weird but yes, I google myself.. and, I found this today

Anyhoo, onto my week..... 4 am, my phone goes off and its Ruggedman(michael) telling me he got into an accident and his car is totaled. I snap out of my beauty rest and ask for details. Apparently he was coming back from an appointment and drove under/into a luxury bus. If anyone is familiar with the akpongbon(sp) area, well there is this narrow part of it when you come down the bridge. The luxury bus had been parked there, no hazard lights, no cones, no warning, and of course lagos street lights are crap or non existent...

So, my darling friend drove smack into it. From the way he described his car and the scene my guess is he is lucky to be alive.. Anyhoo, we thank God he is ok but it just makes me mad knowing that one persons recklessness can cause another so much grief. When accidents happen people are usually quick to blame the driver but I know for a fact that Michael is a very careful driver especially at night. In NIG you dont have to be a reckless driver to be at risk, hell, all you have to do is accelerate. I dont know how many more have to die or get hurt for the govt to get the friggin message. JT Tom West died, Ramsey got hurt bad, Walata got hurt bad. All avoidable crap. Fix the roads, fix the street lights and make the roads safe for all.

Shameless Plug: His hit song Ruggedy baba can be heard on my mag wesbite

FYI: I have decided to vote Donald Duke for president. I sincerely hope he wins.

and then... two of our sales girls had to be let go for stealing. The story was quite funny actually, one of the girls had stolen and worn the Toni Payne underwear under her WHITE pants. hehehehe.. talk about a dumb criminal. Of course, white pants will do wot ooo, will show through. So, basically, you could see the toni payne logo splashed across her bum. Before she could be confronted the other sales girl alerted her and she went and quickly turn it inside out. Well too late buddy, cos u have been seen.

When she was confronted, she denied it, she was asked to prove it (naija style), she got caught and got fired. See, two types of people I cant stand are thieves and liars... They irk the living daylight out of me. Anyhoo, the third sales girl and security guards basically implicated the second one, she was arrested, the first escaped before the cops came and get this... she had the nerve to come back the next day to ask for her SALARY.. hahahahahahaha wonders shall never end.

If they had a show called Naijas dumbest criminals I'm sure it will be a hit.. I'd be the host with the most. lol

and then.. I heard City People published something about me this week but of course being in the boonies called LA with little or no access to anything NIG, I havent seen it or have a clue what was written and my source did not give me details. I've told mines to get a copy for me, hopefully he wont take his merry time. If anyone has a copy of this weeks city people holla at me..

and then... I just want to say RIP PAQ250.. You served me well and we will surely miss you, my laptop gave up the ghost yesterday. Burial arrangements will be announced soon. :(