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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Inspired by AFRICA!

ok well not exactly, but specifically, more like the Yoruba Langauge. I couldnt wait another week to release this new shirt. The concept is just sooo cool. Im just gonna pull the gist of it from the website instead of rambling on and on about it. It was inspired by someone very special and who is the oga pata pata of using proverbs. lol.. anyhoo hope yall like it. I figured the next series of tees should have an african theme..

About the design: This designed was inspired by an African proverb that teaches us about treating others with respect. The design is written in the Yoruba Language and it reads "taba soko soja, aba ara ile eni." (if you throw a stone into the market(public place), it will hit someone close to you" which loosely translates proverbially to "dont throw stones in a glass house"

PS: There is a 4th of July sale going on at the moment.. 30% off cosmetics and $15 tees

In the mean time.. if you read this before 10am Central time today july 3rd 2007. Log on to NigerianWebRadio. Ruggedman will be doing an interview and you can also call in to give a shout out.

Also, I just realized that I am one of the most unconvetional people I know. It seems like nothing I do is normal. I would love to go into details but Gosh!.. well thats gist for another day. Oh Im still going to get the forbes thingy, Ive just been very busy.


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