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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

its UN and 9ice guaranteed to always always..

I just wanted to take the time out to say a big congrats to our very one 9ice on his UN Ambassador appointment as Ecowas International Youth Ambassador for Peace.. Well deserved.. I really dont have much to blog about execpt we have started plans toward and official TP 09 launch party in Lagos. It should be fun, we will have good food, great entertainment and of course lots of makeup and tees and a special surprise from my new line. I will keep everyone updated on that..

oh b4 i forget, I was going to blog about something that happened to a family friend of ours recently but I have not had time to blog much.. but anyhoo its soosad and crazy and make you realize this life is very delicate..The rate at which I hear these types of stories is becoming alarming, anyhoo, my uncle has been helping a family friend, well more like cousin organize his wedding.. so the night of the wedding he called me and Im like how was the wedding, seeing as they have been majorly excited about it, I just wanted to make sure all went well. My uncle was like shit happens, and im like huh what.. pretty much, the night before the wedding, the bride was hit by a train, the car she was in split into two, the works, driver lost his arm, and luckily no one died but she spent her wedding day and days after in the hospital.. He said she had to be wheeled in just for the I do's and wheeled back out. I sat there with my jaw open and of course the stories begun, like hmm I have not heard anything. Apparently when you are about to do something big, its not everyone who will be happy with it and some do go far with their envy bla bla bla.. Im sitting there like whatever happened to live and let live.

I now took time out to look deep within myself to see if I get jealous of others when they are happy and the answer was a big fat no. As in for what, I told my fam, like why are people like this? as in this life, it really aint that serious to be plotting and planning to ruin someones happiness. Not saying her accident was cos of a plot or juju or whatever but it seems to be like normal that it could be, as in no one blinked an eye to the notion. Thats hella crazy o.. as in tooo mad.. may we never come across someone that will envy us o.. Please there is enough happiness to go around, and if you cant find, create your own haba! God help us. Anyhoo I wish the bride a speedy recovery, may the good lord be with her, help her heal fast and enjoy the fruits of her union.. Amen..