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Saturday, June 16, 2007

So Im excited because...

Guess who has a jeans line? Deola Sagoe of Odua Creations. Finally a Naija owned Jeans line that I can actually see myself rocking. I love the detail on the pocket (I have an obsession with jeans that have detailed pockets). Its totally my style, and they are low rise. Like I can see them totally replacing my True Religions. Now all this excitement and I probably wont get one till I land NIG *sobs* Gosh!. I am so proud of and look up to her. Yeah, DS rocks!

Anyways here are some of her other designs that I love, love, love... and when I say love, I mean I would rock to a party, event or whatever. Not love like just to look at it but as in who do I have to bribe to get them all ASAP and rock em till people start wondering if I have anything else in my closet.. lol .. Ah that blue one in the second picture. I would sooo rock it till the threads fall off, Uniform.. lol

Anyways. her website is HERE so feel free to check her out.


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